Members In India Can Now Pay Utility Bills With Payza

Practical and secure: The way paying bills should be.

Today we announce a new and exciting feature for our Indian members: Payza Utility Bill Payments. You can now use Payza to pay for all your essential utilities, phone, internet, television, electricity, gas, even insurance! The service is available now on the new Payza Android App and is coming soon to desktop.

If you already have the Payza App, you get VIP access to the service. Wherever you are, you can send you payment within seconds. Don’t have the app yet? Download the Payza App right now at the Google Play Store.

You can make effortless payments to over 70 major utility, media, insurance and telecom companies; see the full list below. Top up minutes on your phone at Vodafone, pay your satellite service at DishTV, you can even pay your health insurance from Tata. Best of all, you can make bill payments at all these different companies from one site on the app. You no longer need to search on different company websites or request multiple different bill payments at your bank or even leave your home.

Payza Utility Bill Payments in India: How it works.

Here’s how to make a bill payment using the Payza App:

  1. In the Payza App, click the menu button in the top left corner, then select “Utility/Top-Up Payments”.
  2. Select the type of service you will be paying for from the list presented.
  3. Select the service provider you wish to pay from the list presented. If you do not see your service provider, it is possible that they do not accept Payza payments at this time.
  4. Read the instructions for your bill payment, then enter your account information and the payment amount in Rupees.
  5. Click “MAKE PAYMENT” to complete your payment. The funds will be taken directly from your Payza balance.

List of companies where you can pay

Payza Utility Bill Payments are available at some of biggest utility companies in the country, including Tata Docomo, Vodafone, DishTV, Airtel, and many more. This list shows all the companies that now accept Payza Utility Bill Payments.

Whether you need to pay your internet, gas, phone, electricity, or insurance bill, the new Payza Utility Bill Payments option saves you time and frustration. So enjoy your extra time, you deserve it.

Payza Integrates In-Account Direct Messaging Customer Support Feature

payza news media coverage

Payza members can now send secure direct messages to Payza’s Customer Support Team within their account

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 11/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Payza, a global payment platform, has announced today the launch of a new direct messaging customer support feature with In-Account Support. The service will offer members improved customer assistance by being accessible directly within their accounts wherever they require additional guidance. The new support system will also provide an enhanced mobile support experience to complement the latest version of the Payza mobile app (including iOS), which will be rolling out before year end.

The pilot project for the direct messaging feature has been running since the start of October and is offered to Payza Business Account holders as well as all members in the US, UK, Canada, India and Bangladesh. Now members can submit a support inquiry in seconds without interrupting their session.

The feature comes as the first initiative in a series of enhancements to the Payza user experience. The new Payza Reference Center, home to Payza’s account setup guides, user manuals, and API and Advanced Integration guides, is also currently in development. These services, along with Payza video tutorials published to the company’s YouTube Channel represent a major shift in how Payza envisions providing self-serve and Payza-assisted support to its members.

This new highly secure method of communication will facilitate a prompt two-way conversation between Payza and its members. The feature will also be used to inform members of updates to their account by providing announcements and reminders. Payza will send periodic chat messages and pop-up “Notes” with information about new features, promotions, account updates, and other helpful tips. On rare occasions, Payza will use full-screen pop-up messages for important updates and announcements.

“We are excited to unveil these latest support tools to our Payza members. We believe our members deserve a practical way to engage with our support team. This new system is the ideal solution,” explains Firoz Patel, Payza’s global executive vice president. “The direct messaging feature will provide our members with the convenience they are looking for.”

If a member is unable to access their account for any reason, they can still contact Payza from the Customer Support Page.

To learn more, visit:

About Payza

Payza is a leading online payments technology platform used by licensed entities around the world. Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. The company offers access to payment services in both traditional and emerging markets, as well as a host of tools and services including: fraud screening, dispute resolution, currency exchange, global payouts and disbursement services. With millions of members, Payza offers its services around the world in 21 currencies, and is proud to provide its merchants around the globe with a complete solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses.

More information is available about Payza on its website,, Facebook, Twitter and the company’s blog.

Payza is a registered trademark of UK-based MH Pillars Ltd.

Payza Expands Services in Turkey: Make Transactions with Turkish Lira

Payza now offers even more online payment services in Turkey by introducing Bank Transfer deposits and withdrawals. The Turkish Lira is now a supported currency you can transact with your Payza Account.

Great news for our Payza members in Turkey: we have added the Turkish Lira to our list of currencies you can exchange within your Payza e-wallet. You also have the option now withdraw Lira to your bank account using bank transfers.

Previously, Payza members in Turkey made the majority of their transactions using the Euro; these members now have an alternative because they can hold, transfer, add and withdraw Turkish Lira using their Payza account. These new options make online shopping and money transfers in Turkey more practical than ever.

If you already have a Payza account and know of Turkish citizens or businesses who would benefit from our services, why not refer them to Payza and receive a bonus from our referral program?


Payza provides an alternative to businesses that used PayPal

The situation in Turkey is similar to the challenges Indian freelancers faced in 2011 when PayPal limited its operations in India. As in India, Payza has expanded our services in Turkey to make sure Turkish businesses and professionals can participate in the global e-commerce economy.

Online businesses in Turkey were caught off guard earlier this month when PayPal stopped operating in the country. The sudden exit of this payment gateway forced hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals to find an alternative payment platform or to abandon e-commerce altogether. This unforeseen need to find an alternative payment gateway has limited e-commerce activities and cut-off essential sources of income for many freelancers and entrepreneurs in the country.

If this event has impacted your business or online shopping habits, we encourage you to make the switch to the Payza online payment platform. The transition is easy and you can start today.

For online business owners, when you sign up for your business account, you will instantly be able to accept online payments, including payments in Dollars, Euros, and Turkish Lira. Once you verify your business, a process that takes about one to three business days, you will benefit from many additional features for online businesses, including credit card payments, online checkout pages, and withdrawal of funds to your Turkish bank account. Payza has all the features you need to operate your online business so consider joining our payment platform so that we can connect your business with your international clients.

As an individual, you’ll find Payza has a wide range of services that make sending and receiving money online, as well as online shopping, fun, easy, and secure! If you’re a freelancer or self-employed professional, Payza also makes it easy for your clients to pay you for your work, no matter where in the world they may be.

Visualizing Payza’s New Fee Structure

Payza Fees

Payza has updated our fees. To help you visualize changes to our fees and see how you can best save money, we’ve created this handy infographic.

Payza Fees


With this new fee structure, you will benefit from significant discounts on many of our most popular online payment services. You will save 60% on bank wire deposits to your Payza account and you will save 40% on bank wire withdrawals (Canadian and US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds). Bank transfers within most Single European Payments Area (SEPA) countries will benefit from a 50% reduction in fees when adding funds to their account, and a 17% lower fee for withdrawals.

The fee for receiving payments and money between Payza accounts has increased by 0.4% and five cents; the fee for receiving online credit card payments has increased by 0.5% and six cents.

The fee for foreign currency exchange remains at 2.5%; however, we have made a simplified, all-in-one fee for foreign currency exchanges that are required for an online transaction, being 3.5%; previously, two charges were applied: one for exchange and one for the transaction.

Local Bank Transfer Withdrawals Now Available in India!

Payza is excited to announce that localized bank transfer withdrawals are now available for our members in India! This new features gives our more than 700,000 members in India a convenient way to withdraw Indian Rupees directly to their bank accounts.

Although Indian Rupees cannot be held in your Payza e-wallet, when you set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal in India, your foreign currency funds will be converted to Rupees before they are sent to your bank account. This will save you any conversion fees your bank would normally charge.

The Bank Transfer Withdrawal fee is just 60 INR, plus a 2.5% conversion fee for any funds converted within your Payza Account.

How do Indian Bank Transfer Withdrawals work?

Before you can set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal in India, your Payza account must be Verified, and your PAN card must be on file and approved by our team. If you previously verified your account without submitting a copy of your PAN card, you will be asked to submit it before you can use this feature.

You must also connect your bank account, and ensure that it is set up for local currency withdrawals. You can do so within your account by clicking on “Wallet” and then “Bank Accounts”. On the Add a Bank Account page, complete the form with the information of the bank account you wish to use.

Now you’re ready to withdraw!

To set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal using an Indian bank account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Payza account
  2. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab
  3. Select the “Bank Transfer” option
  4. Choose the currency balance you would like to withdraw from
  5. Select your bank account
  6. Indicate the reason for your withdrawal
  7. Enter the amount to transfer as well as any additional details and click on “Next”
  8. Review details and confirm your withdrawal

This video will also help you set up a withdrawal:

Payza Reduces Credit Card Deposit Fees

Payza Credit Card Deposit

Payza is pleased to announce that the fees for credit card deposits and direct credit card payments are being reduced for all of our members in over 190 countries around the world. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring more value to your Payza account, and they’ve delivered.

For deposits, when you use the Add Funds by Credit Card option, you’ll notice fees are 2% lower, down to 5%. We also reduced the fee for merchants on direct credit card payments by 2.5%, which means that Payza merchants can now process credit card payments for as little as 6.49% +0.59$ depending on their industry.

The new fees were made possible thanks to countless hours of hard work by our team negotiating lower rates with our partners in order to pass these savings onto you, Payza’s valued members. For more information about all of Payza’s fees, visit our Fees Page.

“Credit Cards” by: Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Payza Makes it Easier to Send Money Online Using your Credit Card

At Payza, we’re always looking for ways to help our members get more out of their Payza account, whether that means giving them a way to buy and sell Bitcoin, or giving you more options when you send money with Payza. Well, our team has done it again, this time by making it even easier to use your credit card when sending money online with Payza!

Now you can load your account by credit card and send money to your friends and loved ones all in one simple step. If you haven’t already connected and validated a credit card on your Payza account, this blog post has the instructions to help: Payza Offers Increased Credit Card Transaction Limits.

Send money online from your credit card in just one step

So you’re ready to send funds online using Payza, but you don’t have enough funds in your account, what can you do? With this new option you can load your account from your credit card with the exact amount you want to send and then deliver that money instantly to almost anyone in the world with an email address.

Simply log in to your Payza and click the “Send Funds” tab at the top of the screen. Then, fill in the details for your Send Funds transaction as you normally would, but under “Payment Options” select “Load from Credit Card”. That’s it, review the transaction details and you’re done! The new option is highlighted in the image below.

Send money online using credit card

The Payza Connect Mobile App is Now Available on Android

Android users now have a way to take Payza with them everywhere they go thanks to our new mobile app, Payza Connect! Payza’s new mobile app gives you all of Payza’s most popular features in a convenient mobile package. On top of that, with the mobile app you’ll also have access to some new features, like the ability to send money instantly to anyone in your phone’s address book. You won’t even need their email, a phone number will do!

Here’s a look at some of the features Payza Connect has to offer:

Sign Up

New to Payza? With Payza Connect you can sign up for your own Payza account immediately. No need to visit our full website anymore, you can do it all from your phone or any Android device.

View your account activity in a glance

Once you sign in to your Payza account on Payza Connect, you’ll see all of your recent account activity and your balances laid out neatly for you on your phone. You can also tap on your recent transactions to view more details.

Add a Credit Card, Add Funds

Payza Connect gives you the option to connect your credit card to your Payza account quickly and easily. Once you’ve connected a credit card, you can instantly load your Payza account right from your Payza Connect app.

Send Funds to anyone on your contact list

With Payza Connect you can send funds to another member’s Payza account by entering their email address, just like you would on our desktop site, but you can also send money to anyone in your address book using their mobile phone number. Your recipient will receive an SMS message letting them know they’ve received money on Payza and instructing them to sign up for an account if they don’t already have one.

Even if someone isn’t in your contact list, you can still send them money using their mobile number. Simply click on “Send Funds” and punch in the phone number, including the country code, in the search bar. Then enter the amount and send. It’s that easy!



If you have an Android device, you can download Payza Connect today in the Google Play Store.

Payza Gives You More Choice When You Send Funds Online

Payza already offers one of the fastest and most versatile way to send money online. With services in over 190 countries, Payza makes it easy to send money instantly to friends and loved ones almost anywhere in the world.

Last year we introduced Balance Top Up, giving members a way to instantly add funds to their account when they wanted to send money or pay a Payza merchant but didn’t have enough funds in their e-wallet. Our wide range of withdrawal options, including Bank Account, Bitcoin, and Credit Card withdrawals make it easy for you to access the money in your Payza account.

At Payza, we’re committed to creating the best possible user experience, and part of that means giving our members more choice. Now, when you Send Funds using Payza, you have the option to add the fees to your transaction instead of having your recipient pay the fees making it easier when you need to send a specific amount. You won’t have to calculate what amount of fees will be deducted, just enter the amount you want to send, select “I Pay“, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Payza Makes it Easier to Deposit by Bank Account

Payza Bank Transfers

Payza members in Europe now have a new, simplified process to add funds to their accounts using bank transfers. We’ve made it as simple as possible to create a bank wire or bank transfer deposit. If you live in a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) country, you won’t even need to connect your bank account to your Payza account, that’s how easy we’ve made it!

We’ve also made it easier for members everywhere to complete a Bank Account deposit. Now when you set up this type of transaction our system is able to complete most of the information for you. You no longer need to first select whether you wish to make a Bank Transfer or a Bank Wire deposit, simply indicate the country your bank account is located in and our system will automatically generate the form for the deposit type available.

The process for Bank Transfer deposits from accounts in Europe has been further streamlined making it faster and easier than ever to Add Funds by Bank Transfer. Instead of connecting a bank account to your Payza account, you’ll just need to let us know which country your bank account is from and how much you’d like to deposit. Payza’s system will create the transaction right away and you can complete it in person, by phone, or online, depending on the services your bank offers.

“Payza is a global company, and we’re committed bringing the best possible experience to every region we serve,” said Firoz Patel, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Affairs. “We saw an opportunity to improve our services for members in Europe and acted on it. We’re constantly looking for ways to offer our members more, wherever in the world they happen to be. At Payza, we have an incredible team that is able to pounce on these opportunities and seamlessly integrate them into our platform.”

If you live in a SEPA country simply follow these instructions to set up a bank transfer deposit:

  • Log in to your Payza account and click on the “Add Funds” tab.
  • On the Add Funds screen, select “Bank Account”.
  • Select the country your bank account is located in, select your currency, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Click “Next”. *
  • Review the details of your deposit and click “Add Funds”.

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll be presented with instructions to give to your bank in order to complete the deposit. You can complete the deposit by bringing the instructions to a teller in person, or by using your bank’s phone or online banking services.

*Note: For some countries, you may be asked to validate your identity by entering a phone validation code. Select whether you wish to receive the code by voice call or SMS and enter the phone number you wish to use. On the next screen you will be asked to enter your validation code.