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Skip the Customer Support Line with our Handy Self-Serve Features

At Payza, great customer service means more than having a well-trained, friendly and dedicated support team on-hand to help you out when you need it. It’s more than building Payza Community, our brand new interactive support forum. It’s even more than giving you plenty of ways to connect with us, like our newly redesigned Support Page and our Social Media accounts like our Twitter Support Feed. To us, providing truly great customer support also means solving problems before they come up, and it means giving you a way to help yourself quickly and easily to avoid unnecessary delays.

Imagine this: it’s morning and you’re in a rush to get to work. Eager to get a quick pick-me-up before your first meeting, you stop by your favorite cafe with your coffee cup in hand. But it looks like everyone else had the same idea as you, and there’s quite a long line! You might not mind the wait, as you know the barista is friendly and always remembers your regular order… but it looks like there is another option to skip the line and make your own coffee. What would you do?

Why wait in line when you don’t have to?

It’s always nice to know that a real, live person is available to help you out, but sometimes you simply want something done quickly, on the spot.  We’re living in the age of connectivity, plugged into our laptops, smartphones and tablets, so it’s only natural to want answers at the click of a mouse (or a screen tap). After all, if there’s an option to do it yourself, no need to wait for someone else to do it. This is where self-service comes into play.

A recent article from FastCompany highlights how important it is to today’s consumer to be educated (about their choices) and empowered (to take action). Widespread adaption of mobile devices, online help platforms and social media all come together to make information immediately- and easily- available. This is known as ‘self-service’, when you are looking to discover helpful information in order to be able to quickly solve an issue on your own. You no longer need to wait in line, there’s a wide range of options available to help you help yourself.

The Payza e-wallet is just one more tool in your self-service arsenal. A Payza account gives you a convenient way to receive the money that you earn online, either through your e-commerce website or from your online freelancing work. It also lets you send money money around the world instantly and shop online securely without sharing your personal information.

And once you get used to serving yourself, you’ll love the many self-service options Payza puts at your disposal. You can help yourself to the information in our comprehensive FAQ section or the How to Use Payza section of the Payza blog, and be on your way! Here are just a few of the most asked questions we hear from you and the step-by-step answers to help you quickly address the issue:

From our FAQs:

How can I send funds to friends or family?

How do I withdraw funds by bank wire?

From our Blog:

How do I get my Payza account verified?

How do I connect a bank account or a credit card to my Payza account?

Happy Customer Service Week!