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Sending Money to that College Student in Your Life

With Labour Day and the start of the Fall semester around the corner for many universities and colleges, it’s time to start thinking about how to get money to the students you know and love. Tuition, student fees, books, class and lab supplies, transportation costs and living expenses can be exorbitant at the best of times, so it’s important to know about the options available to you if you want to send money to a son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend who is studying abroad.

With Payza, you can send money to the student in your life instantly with our payment platform by e-wallet or credit card. To send by e-wallet, you can load your Payza account by bank transfer/bank wire, certified check/money order or by credit card. To send by credit card, just add your credit card information to your account. Then it takes only a moment or two to send money to your family member or loved one whether they’re studying in another state/province, country or continent. They will be invited to quickly open an account – if they haven’t done so yet – and can claim their money in any of the available methods available to them. We offer a handful of flexible ways to claim your money from your e-wallet.

There are no fees for opening and maintaining an account, and our receiving fees – which are applicable to the person receiving the money – are competitive and very reasonable.

Now that you know how to send money easily and securely to that hard-working student in your family or circle of friends, get started early and load your Payza account with funds for when your student family member or friend will need the money the most. And we all know when that is – at the beginning of this semester!

Open your Payza account today to send money for free!