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2.9% Credit Card Processing Fee For Eligible Businesses In Europe

low fee credit card processing payza 2.9%

Online businesses in Europe can accept credit card payments for rates starting at 2.9% + €0.30

Running an online business in the EU just got more profitable: Payza now offers lower fees for direct credit card processing for European merchants. Learn more about our new fee structure and find out how to enquire if your business qualifies for our new payment processing services.

The benefits of our new credit card services

If your business qualifies, your customers from all over the world can make credit card purchases from your website at minimal cost to you. Accept Visa and MasterCard payments for as little as 2.9% + €0.30 per transaction, one of the most competitive rates available in the European Union.

There are no set up fees and no maintenance fees. Our clear and simple fee structure means you will never have to deal with any unexpected service fees.

Try our payment platform with zero risk. Our per-transaction model means you only pay any fees when you make a sale.

Does your business qualify?

All businesses in the EU at low-risk for credit card chargebacks will receive our lowest credit card processing fee. The majority of businesses and industries fall in this category, ranging from retail to freelance services to software development. We encourage you to apply for our credit card services if you are confident about the quality of the products you sell and have great feedback from your customers.

There is no problem if your business has some risk for credit card charge backs; we will simply adjust your fee structure so that it is fair for your industry. Our dedicated Business Support Team will review your business and determine which rate is best for you.

For startups and new businesses that have yet to complete three months of sales, Payza will provide your business with credit card processing at our regular rate for a limited time so you can build a transaction history and then become eligible for lower, preferred rates specific to your business.

Additional e-commerce tools for your online store

Payza makes it easy to accept the payments methods your customers prefer. In addition to credit and debit card payments, your business will also be able to accept payments by Payza e-wallet or by Bitcoin.

We automatically convert Bitcoin payments to a currency of your choice, like Euros, which is great if you are interested in accepting Bitcoin payments but are wary of Bitcoin price fluctuations. With Payza, you can accept Bitcoin payments without the risk.

We also provide built in ways to make your checkout platform secure and easy to manage:

  • Keep payment details private and protected from unwanted changes by encrypting payments using our Tokenized Payments checkout feature.
  • Raise the efficiency of your online marketplace with Payza’s Split Payments feature: you can receive a single payment from a customer and then automatically “split” that payment to multiple merchants selling products on your marketplace.
  • Payza’s secure payment portal offers a fast, smooth checkout experience that never takes customers away from your website.
  • With unique buttons for single payments or subscriptions, and for purchases or donations, we provide payment buttons specific to your business.
  • Payza is PCI-compliant, so our state-of-the-art security and intelligent fraud prevention policies ensure that we protect your customers’ transactions.

With our new features, we are confident that Payza will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in Europe’s booming e-commerce sector.

So what are you waiting for? You can set up your payment gateway for your website and start receiving credit card payments without delays; consult our helpful merchant set up guide for more details.