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Payza Makes It Easy to Send Money This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. We all look forward to moments where we can cherish our time with loved ones and show our appreciation for friends and colleagues that have a special place in our hearts.

A common tradition this time of year is for family members living abroad to offer a helping hand to loved ones back home by sending money. The time is right since many fortunate employees receive a holiday bonus, giving them the means to send extra cash home. As an employer, you may want to express gratitude by offering a holiday bonus to your favorite contract employees or freelancer living in another region of the world. Whatever your motives for gift giving, you can rest assured that sending money online using your Payza account will free you from financial tasks and let you focus on joyous holiday gatherings.

The benefits of sending money with Payza 

Whether you want to send money online to China, Brazil, India, South Africa, or any of the more than 190 countries Payza serves, using our platform is fast, secure, affordable, and practical. We operate in many countries where other leading payment platforms don’t, so geographical boundaries pose no challenge when sending money to where it needs to go.

Fast because sending money from one Payza account to another is instant anywhere in the world. We offer several options to add and withdraw funds from Payza that take no more than a few business days to complete.

Secure because you can avoid the risks of sending money in the mail and our fraud prevention and security services ensure your money makes it to its rightful destination.

Affordable because we give you options to send money at competitive rates that suit you best, rates that are lower than many popular money transfer companies.

Practical because the recipient of your gift can use that money instantly to shop online at a variety of retailers, or just withdraw those funds to their bank account or Bitcoin wallet

We also provide unique banking services that enable you to pay a freelancer abroad with your domestic currency and have them receive your gift in their bank account in their local currency.

Ways to send money that suit your needs best

With our multiple options to add and withdraw funds from Payza, you decide which option is right for you. Consider these three scenarios for holiday gift giving:

In a rush and just in time for the holidays: Want to be sure that your gift will reach its destination on time? Want to avoid delays from bank holidays?  Add funds instantly by credit card and send them to your recipient just as fast! Your loved one will have their holiday cash in a matter of minutes to spend online or withdraw by their preferred method. This option is ideal for sending money to students away at college or family members eager to shop online.

money transfer international holiday remittence payza 1

On a budget, sending the most funds with reduced fees: Left yourself enough time before the holidays to add funds by Bank Transfer or Bank Wire and save on fees? Want to maximize the money you send home from a holiday bonus at work? This strategy requires more time to complete but is worth the wait because you and your recipient will benefit from the lower transaction fees.

money transfer international holiday remittence payza 2

Holiday bonus for contract employees and freelancers abroad: Sending payments to freelancers in many regions of the world is a headache for both the sender and receiver. Many booming regions of freelance workers, such as South Asia, lack online payment infrastructure that makes it easy to receive international payments. Payza developed this necessary infrastructure and makes it easy to send money to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Consider our services specific to India:

money transfer international holiday remittence payza 3You send more than money, you send well-being

Our services are about more than sending money. With each international money transfer, what you really send is security and well-being. For the elderly parent back home, you can send the money they need for daily living expenses without them having to travel long distances to collect cash at a bank. For the child studying abroad, sending funds lets them to take a break from yet another meal of ramen noodles by offering the means to buy a quality dinner. For the freelancer in the developing world, your bonus enables them to invest in their business and gain greater financial independence.

The holiday season is about giving and this is why we want to make your acts of generosity as easy as possible.

From all of us at Payza, we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays and all the best in the new year.