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Payza Authorized Exchangers Give You More Deposit Options

Payza connected commerce

At Payza, we aim to give you great service and a wide range of options when it comes to adding and withdrawing funds, shopping online, or processing payments for your e-commerce business. That’s why we introduced features like Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits, as well as credit card withdrawals, over the last year. It’s why we continue to innovate and form partnerships with other cutting edge businesses that can add value to your Payza account.

That is one reason Payza works with e-currency exchangers. We’ve already looked at some of the ways e-currency exchangers help you get more out of your Payza account in this Payza blog post, but there are even more ways that e-currency exchangers can benefit you.

More Deposit Options

You can use authorized e-currency exchangers to add and withdraw funds to and from your Payza account. This means that the deposit and withdrawal options of our exchangers become your Payza deposit and withdrawal options. For example, with Payza’s newest authorized exchanger, Rchange, you can fund your Payza account using Western Union and MoneyGram by first depositing to these exchangers and then transferring those funds to your Payza account. This is especially convenient for members that aren’t able to use Payza’s credit card or bank transfer/wire options.

Authorized exchangers also offer alternative withdrawal options as well, giving you more choice about how and where you can get your money.

Payza is always looking for new partners that can help provide our members with added services. If you manage an e-currency exchange, contact us about becoming a Payza authorized exchanger.