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5 Ways Prepaid Cards Can Limit Debt and Over-Spending

Debt is the word of the month. January is a time when many of us are suffering the repercussions of our own holiday over-spending. All the gifts, parties, decorations and travel expenses creep up on us every December and by the time we’re counting down the last ten seconds of the year, we know we’ve spent way more money than we have, and that after the fun is over we’re going to have a big mess to clean up.

The word debt strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of most people, especially when the debt is high-interest and compounding out of control. Luckily, there is a variety of tools that can help to curtail spending and stop racking up consumer debt, and at the top of this list of tools is prepaid cards.

The Prepaid Advantage

The main advantage of a prepaid card over a credit card is that, when you use it, you’re spending money that’s already yours. It can be used just like a debit or credit card, but has been pre-loaded with funds so that you can’t spend any money you don’t already have.

Payza’s prepaid card can be used for purchases in-store as well as online, or at an ATM where you can withdraw cold, hard cash. Still not convinced? Here’s why anybody with a debt concerns should be using a prepaid card:

  1. You don’t need credit history. If you bad credit or no credit history at all, you may not be qualified for a credit card, but you are still eligible for a prepaid card, because funds are not being lent to you, you provide them yourself.
  2. No repayment necessary. Since you load the card with your own funds, you can spend the money any way you choose without worrying about owing the money to a bank or another financial institution.
  3. No debt means no interest. Spending pre-loaded money with a prepaid card does not create debt – that means there’s no interest accrued on the money you spend.
  4. You control how much you spend. Our prepaid card is reloadable, so you can routinely add funds to control how much you spend, thus decreasing chances of over-spending. For example, you can load your prepaid card every week with a set budget for lunches, dinners and entertainment, and never once have to use your credit card, your savings or your budget for bills and other expenses.
  5. You can withdraw cash: Just go to an ATM and use your prepaid card like you would your debit card, and you’ll have cash in your hand.

Payza’s prepaid Visa card is now available for order in 47 countries and the list is growing all the time. If you earn or receive money with Payza you can withdraw those funds from your e-wallet directly to your own Payza prepaid card, then use it wherever Visa Cards are accepted —online, in stores or even at most ATMs. Check our Local Payment Options page to find out if the card is available in your country.

Get the Payza Prepaid Visa Card

Get the Payza Prepaid Visa Card

Get the Payza Prepaid Card

If you would like your own card, just log in to your Payza account, click on “My Payza Account – Main Menu” and select “Prepaid Card (Payza Issued)” to order your card today or to get more information about the card including the terms and conditions. Only verified members can order the card, so if you haven’t done so yet, read this blog to find out more about verification.

For more advice on how to stay out of debt, read Start Planning Now to Avoid Debt this Year. If you have any more advice for people using prepaid cards or trying to avoid debt? Leave a comment below or join the conversation at our Facebook or Twitter pages.

  • I want Prepaid card, but it is not allowed for me. I am fro Georgia. Also It is not possible to withdraw money via bank wire. So it looks like that my money is frozen on payza. It was mistake when I chose payza 🙁

    • Hi Irakli, unfortunately the Payza prepaid card is not available everywhere at the moment, but we are working towards making this card available to more and more countries so check back often. I’m sorry you are unable to withdraw your funds at this time, we are transitioning to a new service provider for withdrawals. Once the transition is complete this problem will be corrected.

      • Please hurry up. Only I am not in this situation, from my country I know many persons who have payza accounts and want to withdraw, also if you will allow prepaid card in my country, I will be very happy.

  • Am from Nigeria. Can i apply for the payza visa card?

    • Hi Kolawole, unfortunately the Payza prepaid card is not available in Nigeria right now, we’re working to make the card available to as many people and places as possible so keep checking back to see if it available in your country.

  • If I order a Prepaid Card from Saudi Arabia, can i use it any country in the world ?
    I usually travel to India (where there are no Payza Prepaid Cards).

    • Hi Mohd, Yes your prepaid card should work anywhere in the world Visa is accepted! Online, in-stores and even at most ATMs.

  • is payza-prepaid-card available for me in Germany ?
    if it is so, what does it cost – to get a payza-prepaid-card ?

  • Syed Mustafa Kamal

    Hi Payza, can you tell me may i order Payza Card from Pakistan????

  • Syed Mustafa Kamal

    ok, Thanks Payza

  • Aleksandar Yanakiev

    When prepaid card will be aviable for Bulgaria?

    • Hi Aleksandar, the Payza prepaid card is already available in Bulgaria, it became available just last month 🙂

      • Aleksandar Yanakiev

        Hmm if thats true why i can’t see “Prepaid Card (Payza Issued)” option in my account to order it
        at 2-nd jan after new year i ask support about this and they told me its not aviable for bulgaria for now

        • I apologize, you are correct at the moment the card is not available in Bulgaria. I do see it listed on the website which is incorrect. I will have that information changed on the website. I know we are trying to make the card available in more countries so check back often. Sorry again.

  • Hello payza
    will it be a good choice to have a personal starter account and purchase this prepaid card using that account ?
    I only use for transfering money from EgoPay to payza and I intend to withdraw the money using payza prepaid card and also do some online shopping if it possible using this prepaid card
    Do you think how long the card will arrive if I send it to australia?

    • Hi Thomas, You can order a Payza prepaid card with any type of account: Starter, Personal Pro or Business. Your account needs to be verified before you can order the card (which can take a day or two). Then, once you confirm your order, the card will arrive in 1-8 weeks outside North America, but you can select Express Shipping (which I recommend) to speed up the process and to get a tracking number.

  • raj

    Any type of withdrawal to india is not available for the last few months. No bank wire, no credit,cards, no checks- nothing at all. How long do you suppose your thousands of customers will wait patiently?. At least give us a concrete time frame for resuming withdrawal services to india? Or are you playing to force us to withdraw from the exchangers like alerttexchangers which charge almost ridiculous 30% for withdrawal to bank wire?. Come on payza- be professional and give a definite time frame.

    • Hi Raj, we appreciate your patience. All I can tell you is that we’re working on the problem and are doing our best to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible. I know it’s frustrating, we’re frustrated as well. Once we know exactly when the issue will be fixed, we can provide the date.

  • Muhammad Saleem

    how are you sir?sir i want know in pakistan payza prepaid card USD withdrawal is open or not?please confirm me that urgently thanks

    • Hi Muhammad, yes you should be able to withdraw funds from your Payza account directly to your Payza prepaid card, if you’re having trouble contact our Customer Support and they’ll help you out.

  • jay

    Hola payza, una pregunta la tarjeta visa payza esta disponible en ecuador.? si por alguna razon alguien la tiene la puede utilizar en ecuador.?

    • Hola Jay, the Payza prepaid card is not available to order in Ecuador yet, but it should still work in Ecuador anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • jay

    the terjeta payza is available to apply in Ecuador, and if for some reason someone has a can use it in Ecuador

  • Ernest Nesty

    Hi payza how are you? hope fine; Ok i would like to know how i may be able to apply for the payza debit card? please reply asap….thanks.

  • Ernest Nesty

    I would like to buy the payza debit Card please

  • Hi payza i want to get a Visa Card on bangladesh is it available on there just asking please let me know

    • Yes! The Payza prepaid Visa card is available in Bangladesh, if you are having trouble ordering it we now offer Live Chat support, one of our agents will be happy to help you 🙂