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The Payza Blog 2017 Year In Review

Payza 2017 review

2017 was an exciting year for Payza. We launched dozens of new products and features, gained millions of new members, and introduced a range of cryptocurrency services that are safe, secure, and easy to use.

As 2017 makes way for 2018, we’re taking a look back at some of our most memorable blog posts and updates:


Buy and Sell Altcoins

New to Payza this year is that you can now instantly buy and sell a wide variety of altcoins. Read more about these exciting new options and learn all about how they work.

Payza Adds New Bitcoin Services

Payza now lets you do even more with Bitcoin. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, hold Bitcoin in your Payza e-wallet, and convert Bitcoin to and from over 20 traditional currencies that Payza supports. Learn how to use Payza’s wide range of Bitcoin services.

Exchanging Cryptocurrencies into Cash

The Payza Blog brings you news and advice on a wide range of financial services. Earlier this year, we looked at the different ways to exchange your cryptocurrencies into cash, quickly and safely.

Cryptocurrency Profiles

It’s not enough for Payza to bring our members safe and easy ways to buy cryptocurrencies, we want you to be well informed about the different cryptocurrencies and understand what makes them unique as well. With that in mind, we published our first two cryptocurrency profiles: Dash and Ethereum.

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency Profiles in 2018!

Selling Online

New Checkout Module

If you’re an online merchant, you’ll love the new Payza checkout experience! We’ve streamlined the experience for both Payza members and guests alike. Your customers can pay by credit card, Bitcoin, or e-wallet, with just a couple of steps to complete each option. Read all about the new checkout flow and find out how it will help you improve your checkout conversion rate.

Country and Region Spotlights

As a Payza merchant, it’s just as easy for you to process international payments as it is to process payments from your home country. To help you reach new markets, Payza offers country and region spotlights that are packed with statistics and insights about markets that are ready to explode. Get a leg up on the competition by reviewing these profiles.

Payza Tips and Updates

Payza Card

Our members love the Payza Card. The Payza Card is a great companion for your Payza e-wallet that gives you more freedom with your Payza funds. This year on the Payza Blog, we explained everything you need to know about the Payza Card. Learn how to order your own card, how to load it with funds, and how to use it.

Payza App Updates

There’s a new update available for the Payza App on both Android and iOS that brings all of Payza’s Bitcoin services to the app. Find out what else is new by reading our latest Payza App update blog post.

Earn Money with Payza

Payza Referral Program

The Payza Referral Program is a great way to earn some extra money while letting your network know about Payza. Earn $5 for your first 10 referrals and $10 for each one after that! Find out all the details and requirements of the Payza Referral Program and start taking advantage!

Payza ISO Program

You can think of an ISO program like a referral program for businesses. If you are an independent sales representative or sales organization, you can help Payza onboard new businesses and earn lucrative commissions in the process. Find out all about it on our blog.

Thank you to our many new and returning blog readers! We saw lots of activity and engagement on our many blog posts this year! We love knowing that the Payza Blog is a helpful resource to our millions of members around the world.

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