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Payza Makes it Easy to Send Money Online to the Student in Your Life

Send Money with Payza

With the new school year starting, students everywhere are facing the challenges of living on their own and managing their own finances. With Payza it’s easy to send money online to make sure your favorite student has everything they need so they can concentrate on their homework…hopefully.

When you use Payza to send money to your loved ones, all you need to know is their email address. With that you can transfer money from your e-wallet to theirs, instantly! Here’s how to get started.

How to Transfer Money Online with Payza

1)      Log in to your Payza account. If you don’t have an account already, you can sign up today in a matter of minutes.

2)      Once you are logged in, click on the “Send Funds” tab or the right hand side near the top of the screen.

3)      Enter your recipient’s email address, the amount you’d like to send, the currency, the purchase type and any notes you’d like to include. Then click “Next”.

4)      On the next page, review your transaction details, enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click “Send”.

That’s all there is to it! Once the funds are sent you’ll receive an email confirmation and your loved one will receive one as well. Even if the person you sent money to doesn’t have a Payza account, they’ll just have to create one and the funds will be sent the moment their account is set up.

There are lots of benefits to using Payza for your online money transfer needs. All Payza accounts are free to open and there are never any monthly or yearly charges. It’s also free to send money online with Payza, either around the corner or around the world.

Payza is the secure way to send money online. With 128-bit SSL encryption and our self-developed FraudMatrix ensures that your private information stays private and that you are protected from online fraud. So if that special college student in your life needs a bit of extra money, you can send it quickly and safely with Payza.

Of course, before you can send money with Payza, you’ll need to make sure there are funds in your e-wallet. When you’re ready to add funds to your account, this series of blog posts can help: