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The New Payza Business Manual is Your Ultimate Guide for Processing Online Payments

Now that you’re set up, our complementary manual will show how e-commerce merchants can best use our digital payment platform.

We are eager to share our latest information resource from the Payza Reference Center. Once you’ve completed the steps of our Merchant Setup Guide and start receiving payments, you can continue receiving guidance from our detailed Payza Business Manual. The manual provides in-depth, step-by-step instructions to assist you with day-to-day payments and business administration duties, as well as a consolidated overview of features available to you as a member of our payment platform.

You can consult the manual whenever you like, here, where you will find helpful guides for the following services and features:

Just like our Setup Guides in the Reference Center, we organized the manual into easy to navigate sections to help you when submitting customer support inquiries. If you encounter difficulties managing your payments, simply indicate the section in the guide you are experiencing difficulties with when you submit a customer support ticket.

(You can find our setup guide for Personal Accounts here.)

Your opinions matter: Tell us what you think

We made this manual for you, our merchants. Though we have a good understanding of your needs, we know that we can strengthen the content of our manual further with your feedback.

We encourage all Payza merchants to view the guide and suggest edits for sections that are unclear, missing information, or are simply not up to par with your expectations. We review all comments and suggested edits daily; rest assured, your inputs will guide us in keeping this manual robust and complete, as well as guide us in developing future resources for Payza members.

To provide your feedback, simply click the Suggest Edits icon at the top right of the page, below the search tool.

Stay tuned and expect an equivalent manual for Payza Personal accounts in the near future.