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  • Midoi Alexandru Mihai

    When will be availeble in Romania , Payza? we wait u for long time 🙁

  • Midoi Alexandru Mihai

    thx for the reply but it gives me the same error 🙁

    The following errors occurred:

    We’re sorry, Payza is not currently available in Romania.
    WHY? 🙁

    • My apologies, you are correct, sign up has been temporarily disabled in Romania, existing accounts are not affected, but at this time you cannot set up a new Payza Account in Romania.

  • This is new right? Before we only had the option to use credit card or banck to make this verification?
    or am I missing something?

    • That’s correct Ganha, but we’ve updated the verification process to make it simpler for our members to get their accounts verified. You can now upload ID documents directly in your Payza account, making verification quick and easy.

  • muhammad asad

    brother if all bills are not on my name then what should i do ?

  • Abdulrehman Butt

    I am not payza member but i want to make account pn payza but i have question that if i upload only the scanned copy of national identity card is it enough to verify my payza account, because sir national identity card has both thing identity plus home address

    • In most cases you will need to provide all the documents requested. If you have any problems or questions, I’d suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. You can speak to a support advisor directly by phone or Live Chat, contact details are here:

  • CryptoMan

    I have non-english national identity. Should i translate it with nottery?

    • I would suggest contacting our Customer Support Team to let them know, they will either make a note in your account or advise you to get the ID translated. You can speak to a support advisor directly by phone or Live Chat, contact details are here:

  • john titor

    If I show a voters ID and/or Social Security ID would it be enough as proof of address and identity? Or do i really need a billing statement for proof of address?

    • Hi John, because addresses can change after your government ID has been issued, Payza requires a recent recurring bill or statement as a Proof of Address.

      • john titor


  • Muhammad Amin Qaboolani

    Hi Payza…. I am facing so many difficulties to get verify my account…… i submitted required documents but then ever my account cannot be verified kindly help me so that i withdraw money.

    • For issues with account verification you should contact Customer Support directly. They will be better able to answer your questions and help you verify your account:

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  • Mouath Tamallah

    Good evening, Does Payza accept a National ID written in Arabic or it must be in English? Thanks

    • Yes, Government Issued Photo ID cards in most languages are accepted, including Arabic.

  • Jenni Barley

    I stay on a farm where we do not have our mail delivered. May I submit my PO Box subscription, which has my residential and post box address?

    • Hello Jenni, the purpose of a Proof of Address is to verify your physical address, so documents that show your PO Box would not be acceptable, they must indicate your actual address. If you are unable to provide a suitable Proof of Address document, I would suggest contacting our Customer Support Team directly for further assistance.

  • Joy Ram

    I have completed proof of Identity Document but I can not complete proof of Address Document because I have no bank account. Can you help me????

    • Hello, any recurring bill or statement that is sent to your address on a monthly basis and clearly shows your name can be used as a Proof of Address. This includes bank statements, utility bills, phone bills, etc.

  • Mohsine

    Hi payza, how long it take to verify account and credit card ?

    • It can take our team up to 5 business days to conduct these types of verification/validation reviews.

  • Dan Haltom

    I’m trying to upload ID and Proof of Address document to purchase the Payza Debit Card, but it keep saying file is too large, how do i reduce the file size? Any advise is appreciated.

    • Aprove

      Rob Elbaz
      Interactive Marketing Strategist

    • Hello Dan, i would like to follow up on your situation and would like to know how your problem was resolved. I would like to know more of your situation; we are developing multiple strategies to avoid problems with the uploading of files.

  • Hello, As the message indicates, you must complete a few transactions with your Payza account first, up to $500 minimum. You will then be able to verify your account. We request that all Payza members complete $500 in transactions first because customers that use their accounts infrequently or to make occasional purchases do not need a verified account.

  • Hello my friend, Eliomar,

    Yes, you may use your cell phone bill to verify your account; however, you MUST provide us with a RECURRENT bill, meaning a recent bill that you have received at the same address for at least 3 months. If you recently changed addresses in the past 3 months, you will NOT be able to use that bill to prove your address.
    International laws (KYC regulations) mandate that we prove the address of all our customers; this is for security and fraud prevention efforts.

  • Hi Wahid,

    On your government-issued Photo ID, there should be a section that has numbers and letters that is unique to your Photo ID; for example, your Passport has a unique Passport number; your driver’s licence has a unique driver’s licence number. Often the numbers look like this: XXXX-123X-XX123
    We need to see this number to confirm your document/ PhotoID

  • Ahmad Faiyaz

    i work in qatar but i am from India.. i have signed up with indian bank a/c and provided my all indian documents but i have given the country name where i work not India… now i want to change my country to india in payza a/c… what is the procedure…

  • Raja Rashid

    I am in Bangladesh , how can i get a payza card ? Please let me know .