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  • this is an email account and when u login with a diifferent ip, payza should reffered you back to your email an not say you must compulserily verify that is not right,payza should study other ecurrency and see the way they operate, your email is your account so email is the priority.

    • Hi Oladimeji, while your email address is the primary means of identification we also track your IP to help ensure that your account does not get hacked if your personal information is compromised. This provides you with added security and protection. While verification is not required in all circumstances, our User Agreement does state that we can require you to become verified at any time, becoming verified helps strengthen our network and makes your account more secure, it also helps you avoid delays when making transactions and increases your transaction limits.

  • how can my website be link to payza.?

    • Hi Akena, to Link your website to your Payza account and begin using Payza Payment Buttons on your site depending on your region you will need either a Business or Personal (formerly Personal Pro) account. You can then submit your site for a Website Review so that we can approve the use of Payment Buttons (more info in this blog post:

      If you need help with the programming part of installing Payment Buttons, our Developer Center ( has lots of handy resources and additional support.