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Pay with Interac Online: Using Payza’s Interac Checkout Option

Payza is committed to bringing our members the best online payment experience. It’s why we now offer Bitcoin Checkout for the majority of our customers, and why we’ve introduced Interac Checkout for Canadian members.

In Canada, Interac is the ATM card network, so now you can use most Canadian debit cards to pay for products and services sold by Payza merchants. We’re working to bring similar options for other countries as well, so watch for even more Payza solutions tailored to your specific needs.

If you have an Interac card and you’d like to use it to pay online with Payza, here’s how to use the new Interac Checkout feature:

On the checkout screen, indicate whether you are an existing Payza member or select the “Join Payza and Pay” option. Fill in the required information and proceed.

On the next screen, select the Interac Online payment option and click “Continue”:

Interac screen 1

Next, enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click “Make Payment”. That completes the payment from Payza’s end, but you will still need to confirm the transaction with your bank. To finish the transaction you must enter your card information on your bank’s secure web-banking page to confirm the purchase.

Once you’ve confirmed your purchase on your bank’s online portal, you’ll be brought back to the Payza checkout page for final confirmation.

It’s that simple. With Interac checkout you now have another convenient way to pay at Payza merchants alongside other convenient options like Bitcoin Checkout and Credit Card payment.