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It’s Easy To Manage Payouts To Your Affiliates With Our Mass Pay Feature

Practical, fast, and free: Mass Pay is the best tool to manage your payouts.

Making manual payouts to hundreds or even thousands of affiliates can be a harrowing ordeal for program managers. Without the right tools, overseeing and recording the transfer of payments to affiliates can be an error-prone and time-consuming administrative burden.

For these reasons, Payza developed the e-commerce payment tool, Mass Pay, which lets you pay all of your affiliates with just a few clicks.

Best of all, this payment tool is available for free to all Payza Business Account holders. Our system can process your payouts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Payza will send your payments instantly and securely to your affiliates’ Payza e-wallets with minimal transaction fees.

Mass Pay avoids the need for complex bank transfers and processing delays common with most bank transactions. What’s not to love?


Two versions of Mass Pay to suit your needs: in-account and API

We offer two practical versions of our Mass Pay feature. The in-account version is a standard component of your Business Account’s “Send Funds” features. In your Payza account, all you need to do is upload a CSV file with your affiliate information and payment details (namely, the email addresses associated with their Payza accounts and the respective payment amounts). Once the details have been uploaded, just click Send and we will transfer your payments directly from your e-wallet.

The MassPay API is practical for busy business owners on the go who have a little bit of programming knowledge or programming help at the ready. This feature has a simple interface and allows you to send payouts to your customer affiliates instantly, without the need to log in to your Payza Business Account. Setting up the MassPay API will require coding skills, meaning you will need the assistance of a developer if coding is not your forte.

We safeguard all Mass Pay payouts with a password-protected login and can restrict your Mass Pay transactions to IP addresses you authorize for extra security. Rest assured, these safeguards ensure you have full control over your payouts.


Resources to set up your Mass Pay API

You can get your MassPay API up and running in no time by following the instructions in our Merchant Setup Guide. You will find all the required coding information in this section of our developer’s resource center.

Remember, our customer support advisors are happy to assist you if you encounter difficulties making our Mass Pay system work best for your business. You can now get the help you need right inside your Payza account!