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Update: Payza Prepaid Cards

Payza-Prepaid-Card 720

As you may be aware, we have experienced issues with the Payza prepaid card which have forced us to stop taking new orders for the card. Members are also not currently able to load funds from their Payza e-wallet onto their prepaid card or transfer funds from their card back to their e-wallet.

We have identified the cause of these issues. While we investigate the solution, we will be providing substitute cards for active cardholders. These cards will be sent free-of-charge to anyone who currently has an active Payza prepaid card linked to their account.

We are currently in the process of acquiring the substitute cards. When they become available, active cardholders will receive an email providing further details.

Any remaining funds on your prepaid card will not be transferred to the substitute card. You can still use the card to make a purchase or withdraw the funds at an ATM.  If you dispose of or destroy your prepaid card, any remaining funds will be lost. You can view the remaining balance within your Payza account.

We apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

  • Chris

    Awesome thanks Payza, way to be on top of it and keeping your members informed!

  • Kashif

    Good news, at least we will have a substitute to withdraw money. Thanks for your continued efforts Payza!

  • We wish you success

  • thank you Payza

  • Thanks for your hard work payza. You are the best payment gateway for us in Bangladesh.

  • wass

    Great news , j’espere que les nouvelles cartes seront pretes le plus tot possible.
    merci Payza

  • thanks payza… waiting 4 that card. cheers

  • walid

    Thanks for your hard work, i’m expecting the new card soon

  • Grira

    J’attends ma nouvelles carte, Merci de bien vouloir faire la chose le plus rapidement possible

  • filmie

    Thank you Payza for working on this expecting new cards very soon.

  • ayman yossef

    Will the new card be sent in same way the original card was requested , I requested my current card via express shipping as regular mail ones never arrived , So should we expect the replacement cards to be sent same way ?

  • Thanks Payza for there heard investigation. I have been waiting to get solution of this problem.

  • thank you , but it should be fast please ,,, keep us informed always

  • moumen med

    thanks Payza, waiting for that card soon.

    keeping your members informed!

  • vTr

    I got the new message regarding the new replacement card and that it would be in Canadian funds. How will this affect my purchases in the US? Will I experience transaction declines in the US because the card is not in US dollars? Will I be charged extra fees when I make purchases in the US?

    • Michael Belisle

      read the email. The email said there would be no foreign transaction fees. all other fees are the same. There shouldn’t be any declines. People do transactions all of the time with foreign credit cards without problems

    • Hi vTr,

      We have waived the currency conversion fee when loading a prepaid
      card with US funds. When making purchases in currencies other than CAD,
      the funds will be converted by the merchant and they will apply their own currency conversion fees. You should not experience transaction declines in most cases, but that may depend on the merchant.

  • I just think that the substitute card (in CAD) should have a different outlook than the current one (in USD), in order to be recognized from each other.

  • nestor

    I have paid for’the debit card but it have never been shipped, I will wait to me too to ship’the card

  • Tarek El Gendy

    Is the new prepaid card for the members outside USA or Inside the USA only

    • The substitute prepaid card is being provided to active members regardless of their country of residence.

  • John

    Can we see the conversion rates anywhere? In addition – when I paid with the USD card for foreign funds, it was Payza who did the conversion and the conversion fee.

    Is this any different with the CAD card?

    Is there any chance you would continue the USD card at any time?

  • Adil Mazher

    Plz update when i will be able to order new payza prepaid card and this issued solve.i hope soon.i and most of people loves payza prepaid card.plz avail this service soon we are looking forward to you dear payza team.