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Payza Powers Up Your Options: How to Send Funds by Bank Transfer

Payza is excited to show off the latest and most convenient way to manage your money! Sending money is now easier than ever with Payza’s newest way to power your ‘Send Funds’ transactions: the bank transfer.

We’ve streamlined the process for you and made it simple to send money online. Now you can send funds to friends, family, merchants or customers without the need to first create a separate Add Funds transaction to load up your Payza account. By selecting ‘Bank Transfer’ as your payment option during a Send Funds transaction, you will automatically set up a deposit into your Payza wallet from your bank account. As soon as the deposit goes through, your Send Funds transaction will too!

If bank transfer deposits are available in your region you’ll be able to take advantage of this convenient new way to send money online. You can refer to this ‘How To’ post for step-by-step instructions on adding a bank account to your Payza account. Once you have added and confirmed your bank account, you will be able to access this ‘Send Funds’ payment option.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Select the “Send Funds” option, located at the top left side of the transaction menu.

Send Funds step 1


2. Enter the transaction details, including the email addresses of the sender (you), the recipient, the amount you want to send, and currency.

3. Under “Payment Options”, select “Bank Transfer” and choose the bank account you would like to transfer funds from.

4. Select your purchase type from the drop-down menu and enter a note for the recipient if you like.

Bank Transfer Payment


5. Click ‘Next’ to confirm your transaction details. You can then enter a shipping address if needed.

6. Enter your Transaction PIN and click ‘Send’ to easily and safely send money online!

Send Money step 2


Please note: when you are at Step 2 (the Confirm page), you will see two fields for funds, the ‘Amount’ field and the ‘Deposit Amount’ field. ‘Amount’ is the total amount of money that your recipient will get. The ‘Deposit Amount’ is the total amount being transferred from your bank account, and this includes any fees associated with the bank transfer deposit and/or your account settings.

If you ever need more details or helpful, step-by-step instructions, you can always refer to the comprehensive Payza FAQs. For more information about how to add a bank account or complete  a bank transfer, you can click here. If you are looking for more details about Send Funds transactions, click here.

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