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Prepaid Card Technical Issue

Payza-Prepaid-Card 720

We have encountered some technical issues with loading and unloading the Payza prepaid card. To prevent any further issues, we have temporarily disabled the feature to add funds from your e-wallet to your prepaid card and to unload funds from your card back to your e-wallet. We are currently investigating the source of this problem and will keep you posted on any and all developments.

If you already have funds on your prepaid card, you should not experience any problems. You can use them as you would normally: shop online or in stores, and withdraw cash at any Visa-sponsored ATM.

Any remaining funds on your prepaid card will not be transferred to the substitute card. You can still use the card to make a purchase or withdraw the funds at an ATM.  If you dispose of or destroy your prepaid card, any remaining funds will be lost. You can view the remaining balance within your Payza account.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

  • Payza is the best Indonesia Love Payza ❤

    • hello is this problem will be solved in the next days !?

    • Payza is the best that’s true

      • lovers

        I agree with you… We love Payza all time, forever….

  • Hope you can fix the problem fast. Love your service. Being a customer for almost 10 years now.

  • ayman yossef

    what about those whose card shows as cancelled , my card status is cancelled and the balance it in disappeared , So what is the solution for this ? The balance in card FULLY disappeared , not in card neither in my account

  • Malk

    it’s sad …..

  • I never have experienced problems with Payza. Great service, great support

  • prachi orpa

    Payza is the best.

  • Richard Mark Maritz

    hi, is there any progress on this problem yet?

  • Amine


    i do not see the Third option on my menu

    Supposed to find :

    Add Credit Cards
    add Bank Accounts
    and add prepeyed card

    i do not see the Third option on my menu

  • Due to persistent technical issues with the prepaid card, we have disabled the option to place an order for a new prepaid card.

    We are continuing to investigate the issue and will update you on our progress by the end of the week.

  • hamza bilal

    payza is the best thanks

  • waqar hussain

    its ok dear admin but try to re-launch it as soon as possible