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Payza’s New “Payment Inquiry” Feature

There are few things in life that are as frustrating or nerve-racking as waiting for your money to arrive. We here at Payza understand this and strive to make sure your funds are available as quickly, and as securely, as possible. Whether you are adding funds to your e-wallet by credit card, bank transfer, bank wire, certified check or money order, we here at Payza do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Unfortunately, even in the digital age, not all transactions can clear instantly. Many transactions, depending on their complexity, must be scrutinized before they can be approved. This can take time, but we do this both to comply with strict banking regulations as well as to protect you and your money.

That being said, if you notice that a deposit seems to be taking a little longer than expected, Payza has just introduced a new “Payment Inquiry” feature to help you track your transaction and to ensure that it is processed within the expected time-frame.

This new tool makes it possible to find out how long you can expect to wait before your deposit transaction is finalized, or if there are any remaining steps to complete that are preventing your funds from loading into your e-wallet.

How does the “Payment Inquiry” feature work?

On your “My Payza Account” homepage, all your pending transactions now appear in their own section. Next to any pending deposit, a “Where are my funds?” link will now appear.

When you click on this link will, the new “Where are my funds” page will appear, within which all the details regarding that specific transaction are listed. In order to determine exactly why your transaction is still pending, you will be prompted to answer a couple of basic questions regarding the deposit transaction.

Question 1:  “Have you completed your bank transfer or bank wire transaction with your own bank?” or “Have you mailed your certified check or money order to Payza?” This one is important (otherwise it wouldn’t be the first question)!

If you answer “No”, then you either must instruct your bank to transfer your funds to your Payza Account, or you must mail the certified check or money order to Payza.

If you answer “Yes”, you will then be asked:  “When did you complete your bank transfer (or bank wire) with your bank?” or “When did you mail the certified check/money order to Payza?”

For international bank transfers and bank wires, after you enter in the date you instructed your bank to complete the transfer or wire, the latest date when your funds should reach your account will be displayed. For mailed certified checks and money orders, you will also be asked which shipping method you used to send in your payment (standard or express) – the shipping method you used will directly affect the latest date when the funds should reach your account.

Once you have answered all the “Where are my funds?” questions, you may find out that according to our system your funds should have already been deposited into your e-wallet. But your deposit transaction still has not been processed, what should you do?

If the date that your funds are expected to be available in your Payza Account has passed, you will have the option to complete a “Transaction Inquiry Form.” For bank transfer and bank wire deposit transactions you will be asked to supply information about your transaction and to submit a proof of deposit. For certified check and money order deposit transactions you will be prompted to provide details regarding the certified check or money order as well as any tracking information you can provide.

Once the form is submitted, Payza will begin reviewing the deposit transaction, you will not need to contact Payza Customer Support or to send us an email. Once the form is completed you will receive an emailed confirmation. Within 3 business days you will receive another email to either confirm that your funds have been deposited into your e-wallet or to inform you that further information is required from you before the deposit transaction can be completed.

We here at Payza are always striving to enhance your user experience, which is why we are excited about the implementation of our new “Payment Inquiry” feature. This tool was designed with you, our valued customer, in mind, to help you keep track of your hard-earned money every step of the way.