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Payza Update: Add Funds by Credit Card Feature Now Available

Great news! Payza members can now add funds to their Payza accounts using Visa credit cards. The Add Funds by Credit Card feature has been fully restored and is available for Payza members in most countries no matter the account type, Starter, Personal or Business. Check Payza’s Local Payment Options page to ensure that credit card deposits are available in your country.

If you don’t already have a credit card connected to your Payza account, you can add one by following these steps:

Connect your Credit Card To Your Payza Account:

  1. In your Payza account, click “Wallet” > “Credit Cards”.
  2. If you have not entered the information of the credit card you would like to use, enter it now.
  3. Select the credit card you would like to use and click “Validate Card”.
  4. For the Charge Method, In the “Validate by Charge” option box, click “Validate your Credit Card”.
  5. Check the box agreeing to the charge and click “Next”.
  6. In 2-4 business days, you will receive a small charge. Enter the amount of the charge in your Payza account to complete the validation.

You can also validate by Authorization Form, follow steps 1 to 3 above and then:

  1. In the “Validate by Authorization Form” option box, click “Validate your Credit Card”.
  2. Click the “Authorization Form” link and print out the form provided. Complete the form.
  3. Scan the completed form and a copy of the front and back of your credit card.
  4. On the Credit Card Validation page, upload the copy of the scanned form and the copy of the scanned front and back of your credit card.
  5. Verify the documents and click “Send”.

Note that it will take 3-5 business days for your documents to be reviewed. If your documents are approved, your credit card will be validated for use.

Add Funds to Your Payza Account by Credit Card:

Once you have successfully connected your credit card to your Payza account, you can use it to instantly add funds to your account. Follow these steps to initiate a credit card deposit transaction:

  1. In your Payza account, click “Add Funds” > “Credit Card”.
  2. Select the credit card you would like to use.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Next”.
  4. Confirm the transaction details, enter your Transaction PIN and click “Deposit”.

If you ever have any trouble adding a credit card to your account or depositing funds using your card, you can find help in Payza’s FAQ section. Also, our friendly Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday to help answer any of your questions. You can connect with Payza Customer Support by phone, Live Chat or email.

  • SaQib MaLik

    Withdraw from payza to credit card is also enabled?

    • Hi Saqib, that option is not currently available but we are looking at ways to give our members that option.

  • Mahboob Ahmed

    Is it possible from Bangladesh to add funds by credit card?

    • Yes it is. You can now add funds using Visa or MasterCard.

      • Mahboob Ahmed

        To my best of knowledge in Bangladesh adding fund to Payza by Credit Card is prohibited. If it is reluxed now, where shall I get the details procedure?


    Is it possible from MACEDONIA to add funds by credit card? I HAVE VISA ELECTRON

  • Selvam Govindasamy

    Can i make it from India?

  • Hi Mahboob, Darko, Selvam. Credit Card deposits are now available in the majority of countries Payza serves. To confirm it is available in your country, visit our Local Payments Option page:

  • Vilas Kharche

    is Debit Card Deposits also available?

    • Hi Vilas, Debit Card Deposits are available in some regions, but not every country has that option right now.

  • unessnop

    is it free guys ??

  • Shakir Rahat

    Can i add Funds From Pakistan throu Visa Card

    • Hi Shakir, yes you can. Add Funds by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) is available in Pakistan.

  • Koushik Ahmed

    my deposit request using master card has declined. I submit a ticket. can anyone help me out here??

    • Hello, if you’ve already submitted a ticket our team will look into your issue and respond shortly. Please don’t send multiple tickets for the same issue as this can affect your priority and cause unnecessary delays.

  • Good news right here, i had wondered why the service had been removed.

  • Brahim El Asba

    Greaaaaaaaaaat 😀

    i hope you will also ADD the Withrawal by Credit card too <3

  • Hello Krzysztof,
    Adding funds to your Payza account using your credit card is the same as making a purchase with your credit card.
    If you wondering whether your credit card company will charge you as a “cash advance” and charge you related fees, the answer is “NO”.

  • Ektu Darao

    Dear Payza, I like you so much. I am having a problem with my account that have to be verified there. But I tried all but its declined, my NID & photo isn’t working. It says my document’s all four edges will be equal but now how can I do it right, will it be edited ? If I upload my home’s electricity bill paper copy photo then. Thank you.

    • Hi Ektu,
      Be sure that you submit a valid government ID and that all images are clear and fully visible. The following video is for documents related to verifying a credit card, but it shows you the quality of documents we expect in order to verify your account. See this video, then scan your documents so that they conform to our guidelines, then resubmit them.
      Yes, you can submit your home electricity bill. It must have your name and address visible and must be recent (within the last 3 months or sooner).

      • Ektu Darao

        Yes sir, I did as say like Govt ID with clearly viewed. The electricity photo is my parents named. Sir I don’t have any owned house or ownership & credit card also. But I am wanting my elder brother’s account info. It is ensure to you that I didn’t cheat cause I don’t have the documents that you are wanting my owned property, I am 28 only so what can I do for. Please direct me, thank you. 🙂

        • Hi Ektu,
          You can submit a bill in your parent’s name IF you have the same family name as the name on the bill. The family name (last name) on the bill must be the same as your family name listed in your Payza account profile.
          You cannot use your brother’s Payza account; you must have your own account.

  • Hello Ashish,

    Payza supports all major banks in India for bank transfers.
    We support all banks and credit unions for bank wires.

  • Navin Jha

    Hi, I could not find the place in online bank transfer form “Details/Notice to Benificiary”

    • Hello Navin,
      We are eager to assist you but we are unsure what your problem is with your bank transfer. Would you please provide us with more information and more details about your problem and we will assist you as soon as possible.
      Good day.