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Now Available in the U.S., the Payza Prepaid Card Opens a World of Opportunities

Payza Prepaid Card

Payza is bringing back one of our most popular products, the Payza Prepaid Card! The card gives Payza members an easy and convenient way to withdraw the funds in their Payza account and spend them almost anywhere credit cards are accepted: online, in stores, and even at ATMs. The Payza Prepaid Card is a perfect companion to your Payza account, and now members in most countries can order their own cards.

A Canadian currency card is already available for members in Canada, and now the U.S. currency card is available to order in the U.S., with more countries getting access to the card soon! You can visit our Local Payment Options page to see if the card is available in your country.

The Payza Prepaid Card is a secure and easy to use way to take your Payza funds with you wherever you go. Simply load the card up with U.S. dollars from your Payza account and spend that money almost everywhere you shop, both online and in person. It’s a great way alternative to cash when you’re traveling, and because the card can be canceled or replaced if you lose it, your money is always protected.

To order the card, all you need is a verified Payza account. It’s available for both Personal and Business members. Here’s how to order:

  • Log in to your Payza account
  • On the left hand menu select “Wallet” and then “Prepaid Cards”
  • From there you’ll be taken to the Payza Prepaid Card order page
  • Complete the steps provided on the order page to get your own card.

The card costs 19.99$ including standard shipping, great value for a card you can load and reload as often as you’d like. The card arrives on your doorstep in two to four weeks for members ordering from the U.S. and Canada, or 4-8 weeks for other countries. Express shipping with tracking is also available for a small fee.

Whether you run an online business, use Payza to get paid for freelancing work, or if you regularly receive money from friends and family, the Payza Prepaid Card is an excellent way to get the most out of your Payza account.

Update: The Payza Prepaid Card is now available in almost every country we serve! Check out our updated blog post for more details: The Payza Prepaid Card is Now Available Across the Globe.

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  • Prabhu Patel


  • Any plans for Malaysian members to get the Payza prepaid card?

    • Hello,

      We aim to provide the Payza prepaid card across the globe. We cannot say when we will offer the card in Malaysia, but please follow our blog and social media profiles for updates on new countries where we will release the prepaid cards. Take care.

      • Ian Modoo

        Great Looking forward to receiving my card in Grenada located in the Eastern Caribbean, thanks you!

  • Sudharsan Guna

    india available?

    • Hello Sudharsan,
      We are in the process of developing a special Prepaid card for India that will enable cardholders to carry Rupees on the card. We will inform our Indian members when this service becomes available on our blog and our social media pages.

  • any idea when available for uk

    • Hello Chris,
      We will have a major announcement shortly. We are in the process of distributing our Prepaid Cards to all our international customers. We will make the formal announcement on our blog and social media.

    • We will have a big announcement soon.

  • buddhika

    is it available in srilanka?

  • Light Yagami

    hello, is it ready for algeria ?

    • Light Yagami

      wow answering only to whome you want (y)

      • Hello Light Yagami,
        We answer comments on our blog that are directly related to the subject matter of the blog post. If you have questions, please submit a private message on our Facebook page (Payza Global) or Twitter support page (@PayzaSupport). On these platforms, we are able to respond to questions typically within 2 hours (often within 15 minutes) during business hours, Monday to Friday.

  • Stefan Schatz

    Payza Prepaid Card will this card work in Australia thank you Stefan

    • Our Prepaid Card will work in Australia (and anywhere else in the world that accepts MasterCard).
      If you are interested in ordering the card, see if it is available to you now on your Payza profile.
      Simply log in to your profile, click on “Wallet”, then “Prepaid card”. Follow the instructions and you should get your card within 4 to 8 weeks.

  • paul

    is it available in Nepal?

  • gyorgy

    I’m from Romania and Member Traffic Monsoon.
    – Can I get Payza prepaid card if I order one?
    – Can attach VISA debit card to withdraw money from Payza?

  • Joel Hadher

    is it avalaible for BANGLADESH ?

    • Hi Joel, we will soon have a special release of the Prepaid Card for Bangladesh. We will announce the release of the card on our blog and social media. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Anwar, any location, business or bank that accepts MasterCard will accept the Payza Prepaid Card.

  • Cikgu Bakar

    I’m from Malaysia and have the option to purchase the Payza Prepaid Card. How can I use it to order online from Malaysian store that will charge me in Ringgit, and don’t even recognize the Payza affiliated MasterCard brand?

    • Hi Cikgu, You may use the Prepaid Card just like a credit card. You will make a purchase in Ringgits but your card will pay for the purchase in American Dollars; there will be a currency conversion fee associated with that purchase.If the merchant accepts MasterCard payments, you should be able to use you Payza Prepaid Card without problems.

  • Light Yagami

    i said it one month ago ! is it avaible for Algeria ? i hope you will answer to me this time !

    • Hello,

      Yes, the card now available in Algeria. The card was NOT available a month ago. This is a new development for Payza.

  • Please see my response to your other comment; indeed, Canadians can order our Prepaid Card.

  • Nao Sina

    Is this card available in Cambodia?

    • Yes, it should be.
      To check if you are eligible: Log in to your Payza account, click on “Wallet” on the left side column, then click on “Prepaid Cards”.

  • Hello,

    Yes, the card is available in Poland.
    You can add funds to your card from your e-wallet and you can return funds back to your e-wallet if you do not use them.

  • Tipu Sultan Dipu

    I am form Bangladesh .I have no passport or National id cared . so how i get my master card ? please inform me . can i show an id of a family member

    • Hello Tipu,

      We understand that your situation is difficult; unfortunately, in order to obtain diverse online banking services, including our Prepaid Card, we must prove your identity with government-issued identification documents. You cannot use identification documents from a family member.
      In general, we recommend that you obtain government ID, such as a passport. Not only will this enable you to access essential banking services, these documents are helpful in everyday life, especially during emergencies or situations where you may need to travel. Please consider applying for government ID as soon as possible.

  • Would you mind to let me know how can we do if the card is not delivered?

  • Delyar Langrana

    When will Indian residents be able to get their payza prepaid cards

    • Hi Delyar,

      We will have a special announcement in the near future on our blog and social media.

      • Delyar Langrana

        Thank you for your prompt reply also can have the notification on my email also when the prepaid cards will be available in India

        • Absolutely, Delyar. In addition to promotions on social media and the Payza Blog, we will either send an email message or direct message within your Payza profile to notify all our Indian members when the PrePaid card is available in the country. If you like, consider following the Payza India Facebook page for update most pertinent to your region of the world.

          All the best.

  • Yasin

    can i use is card wold wide ?

    • Hello Yasin,

      You may use the card world wide at any location that accepts MAsterCard.

  • Hello Koyes,
    You are right: we mail our Prepaid Cards using the regular international postal service.
    Delivery of your card will take 4 to 8 weeks once we print your card.

    Please ask any additional questions you may have about our services.

    Good day.

  • Hello Mahinda,

    I am not sure I understand your question. I will try my best to respond and if I picked the wrong answer, please tell me in the comments section here and I will do my best to respond appropriately.

    With a Payza Prepaid Card, you can instantly withdraw funds from your Paya account to your card. You can withdraw all your funds if you like (be sure to have enough funds reserved for any transaction fees). No, you do not need to keep a balance in your Payza account and you can transfer funds back to Payza from your card free of charge if you need to.

    Good day.