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What Does “Payza as a Platform” Mean for You?

Payza recently announced that our suite of ecommerce solutions would be available in the form of Software as a Service, or SaaS. But what exactly does this mean for Payza members? Will Payza members be able to continue to access to their ewallets, and have an easy way to send and receive money online?

The short answer is “Yes”.

Members won’t see any change in the services they have at the moment. All the features you’re familiar with will stay the same. You can still log into your Payza account, view your ewallet and see your complete history. You can still use Payza to send money online quickly and easily. And of course, you can still use your Payza ewallet to pay for goods and services from our many ecommerce merchants and the thousands of freelancers that use Payza to accept payments.

So if nothing is changing, why is this move taking place?

By offering “Payza as a Platform” we’ll be able to forge partnerships around the world with innovative local partners, allowing us to provide better services and create better experiences for all our members, wherever you are. The way people deal with money in Bangladesh is not the same as the way they deal with it in Brazil, the way money is thought of in Pakistan is not the same as Ukraine, or India, or Egypt.

At Payza, we believe that everybody deserves a personalized online payment solution. There is no one-size-fits-all answer that will meet the needs of people everywhere, so we want to partner with the people and businesses in your area that best understand how to help you get what you need from Payza.

We’ve already taken our first steps in this direction. In Bangladesh we’ve partnered with Casada Technology to develop SimplySendBD, the most cost-effective remittance platform that Bangladesh has ever seen. We’re working together with Casada to bring even more innovative local services to Bangladesh, and we want to do the same everywhere.

So what does “Payza as a Platform” mean for you? More options, better services and localized options that work together with our global payments solutions. You’ll still have all the same features as always, but this shift gives Payza a way to bring you even more great features and options, tailored specifically to your country to meet your unique needs.

If you think you or your company would be a great partner to help us bring better services to your local market, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how Payza can work with you to improve our tailored solutions in your area.