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Payza Members Can Now Add Funds by bKash

bKash, the popular mobile money service in Bangladesh is now compatible with Payza! This is great news for Bangladeshi members looking for a quick and easy way to top up their Payza accounts. With this new deposit option you can instantly add Takas to your Payza account to shop online or to send money to your friends and family.

Adding funds to your account using bKash is quick and easy, just follow these instructions to set up a deposit:

  • Log in to your Payza account
  • Click on “Add Funds” at the top of the screen and then select the “bKash” option
  • Follow the instructions on screen to send money from your bKash account to Payza
  • When you receive your confirmation code or “bKash transaction ID”, enter that information into your Payza account and click “Create Transaction”
  • On the next page, review your transaction details and confirm the deposit.

The deposit page for your Add Funds by bKash transaction will look like this. Simply follow the instructions here to send funds from your bKash account to Payza:

bKash Screenshot

Your takas will then be instantly credited to your account, ready for you to use however you like!

Payza is committed to giving our members the best e-wallet experience and online money transfer service. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring added value to our members. If you provide or know of a service that would be of benefit to our millions of members worldwide, contact to speak with our business development team.


    great service

  • Md Raju

    can i transfer payza to bkash without verifying

    • Hi Md Raju,
      You can only transfer funds from bKash to Payza. You cannot transfer funds from Payza to bKash as of yet but we expect to add that service in the near future.

  • Hussain Ahmad

    can i transfer payza to payoneer mastercard . And how much fee

  • Apon Mahmud

    what is reference number and counter number?????

    • Hi Apon,

      If you have a question about bKash and Payza, I recommend that you contact our regional office in Bangladesh; they have better knowledge of the topic. Please submit a private message on their Facebook page here:

  • Hi Faria,

    I am not the most familiar with bKash; regardless, I will do my best to help you and I can get an expert in Bangladesh to help us if need be.
    I suspect that the number for bKash transactions changed recently. This is the number I have in my files: 01735716723
    Please check if this number is correct/works for you.
    You can now add funds to Payza from bKash. With funds in Payza, you have more options for shopping online. You can NOT add funds to bKash from Payza at this time; we are working to add this transaction feature in the near future.

  • Good News ! But it is highly recommended by Bangladeshi Payza user to add feature to exchange BDT to USD after adding funds by bKash.