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Payza Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Payza Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Using Payza’s Bitcoin features has always been easy and now it’s getting even easier to exchange Bitcoin thanks to our new fee structure. Payza has lowered the Bitcoin to External Bitcoin Wallet withdrawal fee from 0.001 BTC to 0.0005 BTC and removed the 2% withdrawal fee for fiat currency to External Bitcoin Wallet withdrawals.

Payza’s Bitcoin services have been even more popular than we expected. Our longtime members and new sign-ups alike have been trying out the services and leaving us rave reviews. To return the favor, we’re taking advantage of the increased volume by lowering our Bitcoin-related fees!

The fee to send Bitcoin from your Payza e-Wallet to an external Bitcoin wallet has been cut in half! It’s down from .001 BTC to .0005 BTC. This fee includes the miner transaction fee, which is deducted directly from Payza’s fees and is always set high enough to ensure that your transaction is confirmed as quickly as possible.

Payza has also completely removed the 2% fee for exchanging and withdrawing fiat currency to an external Bitcoin wallet. We have adjusted our Bitcoin exchange rate as well to ensure that whether our members are buying or selling Bitcoin, they will always receive Payza’s best rate.

The new fees are made possible thanks to the popularity of Payza’s Bitcoin features. Since Payza’s first Bitcoin features were launched in 2014, the response from our members has been incredible. As both Payza and Bitcoin have grown, these services became more and more popular.

Payza is proud to be among the first online payment platforms to offer Bitcoin services and one of the first e-wallet providers to allow members to hold Bitcoin in their accounts alongside the fiat currencies we support. You can learn all about Payza’s Bitcoin services and get step-by-step instructions for exchanging currencies or sending and receiving Bitcoin on the Payza Blog: How to Use Payza’s New Bitcoin Features: Exchange, Add, Withdraw, and Send Bitcoin with Payza.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies play a big role in Payza’s future plans and we hope you’ll be there with us as we continue on this exciting journey!

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