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Payza Now Lets You Buy And Sell With Bitcoin!

Bitcoin checkout has arrived! Payza is happy to announce that Payza members can now use Bitcoins from their purchases at any Payza merchant. The “Pay with Bitcoin” option is available with guest checkout as well, meaning Payza merchants are able to process Bitcoin payments from just about anyone it the world!

For buyers, using Payza to pay with Bitcoin has advantages over traditional Bitcoin transactions. If you make a purchase with Bitcoin from a Payza merchant, you will still benefit from Payza’s Buyer Protection, meaning if there’s a problem with the product or service you received, you can request a refund or file a transaction dispute, just like with every Payza transaction. You can buy with confidence knowing that all your Bitcoin purchases are protected by Payza the same as any other Payza payment.

If you sell with Payza, you are now able to accept Bitcoin payments, the option has been automatically enabled for all of our merchants, you don’t need to make any changes. Even better, the payments will be sent in the currency of your choice straight to your e-wallet, just like always, so the only thing that changes is that you can now reach more customers.

If you don’t already have a Payza Business Account, sign up today to get started, or contact our Business Development team for more information about Payza’s online payment solutions.

For more details about paying with Bictoin, check out this post: How to Buy with Bitcoin Using Payza.