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Payza Launches New Bitcoin SendMoney API for External Bitcoin Wallets

Payza Bitcoin Mass Pay

Payza continues to improve our Bitcoin services. Our latest feature, Bitcoin SendMoney API, makes it possible for merchants to send Bitcoin payouts to people who don’t have a Payza account. This new API makes it possible for payout merchants to pay all their affiliates in Bitcoin, whether they have a Payza account or not.

The new feature is similar to Payza’s existing SendMoney API, which allows you to send a payment without having to log in directly to your Payza account. It’s a great tool for those who want to further automate their payout system. Like our original SendMoney API, the new Bitcoin SendMoney API will allow merchants to send automated payments, but, unlike the original, Bitcoin SendMoney API lets users send bitcoins directly to a Bitcoin address. This gives merchants even more freedom and flexibility when paying affiliates, by giving them an easy option to pay affiliates outside of Payza’s network of members.

With the new Bitcoin Sendmoney API, merchants can enter a Bitcoin address and an amount in the currency of their choice. If BTC is chosen as the currency, that amount of Bitcoin will be sent, and when a fiat currency code is entered, our system will calculate the appropriate amount of Bitcoin to send based on the real-time exchange rate. The transactions created using this API will be treated as withdrawals and subject to the standard Bitcoin Withdraw processing time.

The Bitcoin SendMoney API will save you time and money by giving you the power to design automated Bitcoin payouts to anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address. By pairing our powerful APIs with Bitcoin payments, Payza offers you a whole new feature that we’re sure you’ll love!

To enable your Payza Business Account for API use, follow the instructions in our Payza Merchant Setup Guide. The required coding information can be found in our Reference Center.