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Payza Introduces Two New Features for Business Accounts: Tokenized Payments and Split Payments

As part of our mission to provide the most complete online payment platform, we’re excited to introduce two new features for Business Accounts: Payza Tokenized Payments and Payza Split Payments. These two new options will give online business owners more flexibility and more security when accepting online payments.

What are Payza Tokenized Payments?

Tokenized Payments are for online sellers who want the same flexibility provided by Advanced Integration without exposing the payment details in the HTML form. With Payza Tokenized Payments you can keep payment details hidden more effectively since those details would not appear in the HTML code.

For more details about how Payza Tokenized Payments works and how to build your own tokenized “Buy Now” buttons, visit the Payza Developer Center: .

What are Payza Split Payments?

Split Payments allows you to distribute the amount received in a purchase to multiple recipients. For example, your website can have a Tokenized Checkout Button that enables buyers to pay for items from multiple merchants at the same time. This is especially useful if you run a marketplace where customers can make purchases from many different sellers at once. A Payza member can pay for multiple items in your marketplace, and with Payza Split Payments, you can automatically credit each individual merchant with their share of the total payment.

For more details about how Payza Split Payments works and how to incorporate split payments into your website, visit the Payza Developer Center: .

Do you have ideas for new features?

Part of the inspiration for these new features came from our members. If you use Payza to process online payments and have ideas for new products that would make it easier for you to run your business, you can contact our team by email at .