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Payza Offers Faster Checkout for Non-Members

Payza now offers a fast checkout experience to non-members by allowing them to join Payza and use their Visa card in order to complete the purchase. Also, existing members can now select from their available Visa cards added to their profile, or add a new Visa card right on the checkout process.

This is great news for merchants as well. So if you’re a merchant that accepts Payza payments, you can now accept Visa credit card payments from shoppers even if they don’t already have a Payza account. When you enable Balance Top Up/credit card payments in your payment preferences, non-members will be given the option to set up an account and pay by credit card directly from your checkout page. Also it will offer greater flexibility to existing members to pay you.

Here’s how it works:

Once a customer arrives at your Payza checkout page, they will see two options. Non-members can select “Join Payza & Pay” to sign up for an account and complete payment at the same time.

Payza Checkout

Once your customer has filled out the sign up information, they’ll be asked to provide their credit card details.

Payza Checkout

After that, they simply need to review their payment details and confirm the transaction.

Payza Checkout

That’s all there is to it. In just three steps your customer set up their Payza account and completed payment on your site.

The new feature works with both In-Page Checkout and Regular Checkout.