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Payza Gives You More Choice When You Send Funds Online

Payza already offers one of the fastest and most versatile way to send money online. With services in over 190 countries, Payza makes it easy to send money instantly to friends and loved ones almost anywhere in the world.

Last year we introduced Balance Top Up, giving members a way to instantly add funds to their account when they wanted to send money or pay a Payza merchant but didn’t have enough funds in their e-wallet. Our wide range of withdrawal options, including Bank Account, Bitcoin, and Credit Card withdrawals make it easy for you to access the money in your Payza account.

At Payza, we’re committed to creating the best possible user experience, and part of that means giving our members more choice. Now, when you Send Funds using Payza, you have the option to add the fees to your transaction instead of having your recipient pay the fees making it easier when you need to send a specific amount. You won’t have to calculate what amount of fees will be deducted, just enter the amount you want to send, select “I Pay“, and we’ll take care of the rest.