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New Payza Checkout Experience

New Payza Checkout Experience

Streamlined checkout process that makes it faster and easier to pay by credit card, Bitcoin, or Payza e-wallet

Payza is excited to announce that we have updated our checkout module! This is great news for Payza merchants and their customers, as the new process simplifies the checkout experience for faster and easier payments.

Thousands of online merchants already use Payza to process online payments and that number is growing each week. For information on how to set up a Payza Business Account, and integrate Payza payment buttons and checkout module into your own e-commerce website, review our Payza Merchant Setup Guide for everything you need to get started.

As an online shopper, you can now make payments at a Payza merchant whether you already have a Payza account or not. When you pay as a guest, you will have the option to complete the purchase using a credit card or Bitcoin (if your merchant offers both these options). Once the payment is complete, you have the option to join Payza and create a Payza Personal Account for faster checkouts in the future.

So how does the new checkout process work? When completing your purchase, you now have two options to choose from:

  • Pay as a Payza member
  • Pay as a guest

If you’re a Payza member and would like to pay via your Payza account, select “Pay as a Payza member”, enter your account details, and choose your payment method:

  • E-wallet
  • Credit card
  • External Bitcoin Wallet

If you want to pay instantly with the Bitcoin you have in your Payza account, you must select the “E-wallet” option. From here, you can select to pay with any currency balance in your Payza account, including Bitcoin.

If you want to pay with Bitcoin from an external Bitcoin wallet, select the “Bitcoin” option. You will then receive a Bitcoin address to send your payment to. You have approximately 60 minutes to complete the transaction or your purchase will be cancelled.

If you’re not a Payza member, select “Pay as a guest” and choose your payment method:

  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin

These gifs show you exactly how to complete the guest checkout process using a credit card or Bitcoin. If you’re a Payza merchant, we suggest placing these resources on your website to help your customers complete their Payza checkouts:

Payza Guest Checkout – Credit Card

New Checkout Process - Credit Card

Payza Guest Checkout – Bitcoin

New Checkout Process - Bitcoin

When your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with a purchase confirmation. You will also get the option to sign up for a free Payza Personal Account. To set up your Payza account, all you have to do is click the “Validate email” link in the confirmation email, then choose a password and your Payza account will be activated!

Note: Guest checkout is currently not available for Indian Rupee (INR) purchases.

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