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You Can Now Use MasterCard to Add Funds to Your Payza Account

Mastercard deposits credit debit card payza

Instant loads to Payza from your MasterCard® credit or debit card.

Do you enjoy adding funds instantly to your Payza account with your credit or debit card? Then we have some great news for you! We have just launched the MasterCard funding option. This means you can now add funds to your Payza account with either your MasterCard or Visa card. The choice is yours.

How to link your MasterCard and add funds to your Payza account

Adding your MasterCard to your Payza account is simple:

  1. Log in to your Payza account, click “Wallet” in the left-side column, then select “Credit Cards” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the number and expiration date for your MasterCard.


Once you have added your card to your account, you can start adding funds immediately.

To add funds using your MasterCard:

  1. Log in to your Payza account and click “Add Funds” in the top menu, then click “Credit Card”.
  2. Select your MasterCard credit card.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to add and click “Next”.
  4. Review your transaction details, enter your Transaction PIN and click “Deposit”.

A few simple steps are all it takes for instantly adding funds to your Payza account with your MasterCard!

Validate your card to increase your funding limits

In most cases, you can start using your MasterCard to add funds to your account immediately; however, it’s a good idea to validate your card with Payza for additional protection and benefits, such as a higher monthly transaction limit. You can add up to $3000 USD per month to your Payza account with a validated credit card. In some cases, you may not be able to use your card to add funds until the card has been validated.

Validating your card is simple: upload a photograph of your MasterCard and a recent credit card statement. For step-by-step instructions, read our article on how to validate your card.

Stay tuned to the Payza blog as we continue to launch convenient new online payment options that will be available across the globe or specific to your local region.

  • محمد موسى


  • Hello Hasan,

    You may use any MasterCard debit or credit card to add funds to your Payza account (“load” money from your MasterCard to your Payza account).

    Good day.

    • M Hasan Saju

      I have a payoneer Master card. Can i also know load this card from pazza?

      • Hi Hasan,

        To add funds to a prepaid card from Payza, the card must be linked to our payment platform. A Payoneer card is linked to Payoneer’s platform, not ours; so, no, you will not be able to add funds to that card using Payza.

  • tarik elmastini

    can i link my payoneer master card to payza? and can i use it to withdraw?

  • Ninamaree Noble

    thank you payza for adding master card i glad now that you you given us an chooses what we can use

    • Great to hear it, Ninamaree!

      Please inform us of additional services and features you would like and we will investigate how to make that possible.

  • Is there a charge every time I transfer funds from Mastercard account to Payza?

    Also will I be able to withdraw money (transfer the funds back) from Payza to Mastercard? And will there be a charge?

    I just wanted to know which one’s better option – transferring funds using the card account or bank account.

    Thanks for your help.


    Great 😀 thank you payza for adding master card <3 <3

  • Bismillah Mobiles

    Can i get a payza master card

  • Hello Yakubu,

    We are delighted to have you as our customer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.
    To answer your question: Payza and Payoneer use different and distinct payment platforms; there is no direct link between our IT payment systems. Thus, you cannot link your Payoneer card to Payza and use it like you would with Payoneer (i.e., load the card with funds using your Payza e-wallet); our payment system and card processors simply will not recognize a Payoneer card.
    Once you join our payment community, it might be worthwhile to order a Payza Prepaid Card. We provide info on the card here in this blog post:

  • Rabiha Jabbar

    I’m from pakistan so can I link my HBL mastercard to payza to withdraw money through this card?

    • Hi Rabiha,

      I am confident that you should be able to link any MasterCard credit card to your Payza account. However, we have a service interruption with our credit card processor at the most that prevents withdrawals to credit cards. We are working to find a solution to this problem and we will inform all of our customers when withdrawals to credit cards returns on our blog and on social media.

  • Hello Anwar,

    You can add funds to your Payza account using Visa or MasterCard. I believe there should be no problem linking your Visa Debit Card to Payza. Here is how you link your card:

    • Anwar Saadat Khattak

      Thank you so much.

      • Our pleasure. Are there any other services or questions you would like to ask us at Payza? We are happy to learn more about your needs.

        • Anwar Saadat Khattak

          Thanks for your instructions. Yesterday, I successfully linked my Visa Debit Card of Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited. However, when I tried to add some amount from my Visa Debit Card into my Payza account, the balance in my card was shown as zero. What does it mean? I have some amount in Pakistani Rupees in my Allied Bank Account which I regularly withdraw from the ATM machine of the same bank through the same Visa Card. Now I don’t understand that how shall I add funds into my Payza Account through my Visa Debit Card which is now linked to my Payza Account. Please clarify this situation in detail. Thanks

  • Mian Asad


    • Hello Mian,
      As an alternative to withdrawing funds to a bank account, you may withdraw funds to a Payza Prepaid Card. From your comment, I think you may not have access to the Prepaid Card or are unsure of how to order a card. Am I correct?
      If you need assistance ordering a card, please follow this video guide.
      The card is available in most countries, the few exceptions are:
      · India
      · Albania
      · Bosnia and Herzegovina
      · Democratic Republic of Congo
      · Macedonia
      · Nigeria
      · Sao Tome and Principe
      · Ukraine

    • Apologies: I Forgot to add the link; here is the video guide:

  • Noman Hafeez

    How to use to payza prepaid card in pakistan

    • Hello Noman,

      You may use the Payza Prepaid Card exactly like a MasterCard debit/credit card. The card works anywhere that accepts international MasterCard Payments, both for online shopping and in physical stores, like restaurants. You may use the card at ATMs to withdraw cash.

  • Cuneyt Coskun

    can I use ininal card ?

  • Hello Nenad,
    The prepaid card can take up to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail. If you do not receive the card by then, please contact customer support.

  • You can use either credit cards to make transactions with Payza and adds funds to your account.

  • Hello,

    To order your card, log in to your Payza account, click “Wallet” in the left-side column, then click “Prepaid Cards” from the drop-down menu.

  • Hello Raja,
    This online guide explains how to get your account verified; other sections of this guide explain how to set up your account.

  • We do not have withdrawal to credit cards at this time; this service is no longer available.
    The minimum amount for withdrawal in Pakistan is $40usd; you must do this withdrawal by bank wire.

  • Hi Sofiane,

    Are you still encountering problems with your card? If yes, you must contact customer support.

  • Alright, please see this section of our set up guide to know how to validate your account:

    This section explains how to connect and validate your credit card:

  • Ciberlocos Marin

    Can you make deposits from payza to debit card?

    • Hello Marin,

      We do not have that service at the moment and will inform our members when it returns on our blog and social media pages.

  • Nicevski Ljubisa N

    is payza prepaid card available in Macedonia at all?Is it approved for use in order to pay in shop,to withdraw money from atm`s?

    • Hello Nicevski,

      Yes, you can request the card from your account. Click on “Wallet” in the left-side column, then “Prepaid Cards”.
      Yes, you can use the card to shop just like a credit card; yes, you can withdraw money from an ATM if the ATM accepts MasterCard payment cards.

  • Mohammed Abdalla

    Where can I get a payza prepaid card in Qatar

    • From your Payza account, click “Wallet” in the left-side menu, then “Prepaid Cards” from the drop-down menu.

  • Lucky May

    Could I order the prepaid card in Cambodia ?

    • Yes you can.

      From your Payza account, click “Wallet” in the left-side menu, then “Prepaid Cards” from the drop-down menu.

  • Samantha Laksiri

    Bank wire is available to Sir Lanka.

  • Abdulrehman Khalid

    Dear sir , i closed my previous account and also removed my credit card from that but now when im trying to add same credit card to my new account so i cant , it says this card is already using other id?? Whats the problem ? I removed it and also closed my old id.

    • You will need to contact our Customer Support Team directly for assistance with that. Normally the same credit card cannot be used with multiple Payza accounts, even if you delete it from one account and then try to add it to another account.

  • Anuj Kumar sharma

    can I use my friends credit card to add fund in my Payza A/c and after that can I change the credit card details after some time.

    • Hello, you cannot use someone else’s credit card to add funds to your account, this is considered a third-party deposit. Your friend should open their own Payza account and send you money online.

  • 2startblog

    Payza is giving me Error message no: 230 when ever I try to add funds via my Payoneer MasterCard.