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Local Bank Transfer Withdrawals Now Available in India!

Payza is excited to announce that localized bank transfer withdrawals are now available for our members in India! This new features gives our more than 700,000 members in India a convenient way to withdraw Indian Rupees directly to their bank accounts.

Although Indian Rupees cannot be held in your Payza e-wallet, when you set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal in India, your foreign currency funds will be converted to Rupees before they are sent to your bank account. This will save you any conversion fees your bank would normally charge.

The Bank Transfer Withdrawal fee is just 60 INR, plus a 2.5% conversion fee for any funds converted within your Payza Account.

How do Indian Bank Transfer Withdrawals work?

Before you can set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal in India, your Payza account must be Verified, and your PAN card must be on file and approved by our team. If you previously verified your account without submitting a copy of your PAN card, you will be asked to submit it before you can use this feature.

You must also connect your bank account, and ensure that it is set up for local currency withdrawals. You can do so within your account by clicking on “Wallet” and then “Bank Accounts”. On the Add a Bank Account page, complete the form with the information of the bank account you wish to use.

Now you’re ready to withdraw!

To set up a Bank Transfer Withdrawal using an Indian bank account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Payza account
  2. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab
  3. Select the “Bank Transfer” option
  4. Choose the currency balance you would like to withdraw from
  5. Select your bank account
  6. Indicate the reason for your withdrawal
  7. Enter the amount to transfer as well as any additional details and click on “Next”
  8. Review details and confirm your withdrawal

This video will also help you set up a withdrawal:

  • Great news! Thanks for this feature

  • Hello admin payza
    we thank you for allowing us bank transfer. We were waiting for it quite long time.

  • Government regulations forbid the conversion of Rupees. You can withdraw your funds using bank wire or bank transfer.

  • Ptad Job

    How to Convert INR INTO USD in PAYZA ACCOUNT?

    • Hello Ptad,

      Government regulations do not permit us to convert INR to other currencies for online payment accounts.

  • Hello Sam,

    Government regulations do not permit the exchange of Rupees to other currencies using the Payza platform. The regulations are very clear for fiat (common) currencies, but unclear for cryptocurrencies because they are so new. We assume, but are not absolutely certain, that you will NOT be able to convert INR to Bitcoin.

    • sam ku


  • nileshgoti

    how many fees indian bank transfer how many days bank transfer

    • Hi Nile,

      As the blog article states, the fees are:
      “The Bank Transfer Withdrawal fee is just 60 INR, plus a 2.5% conversion fee for any funds converted within your Payza Account.”

      Once your bank account is connected to Payza, the transfer should take 2 to 5 business days (do not include the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday).

  • Santanu Murmu

    sir….how can I deposit money from local bank account to payza account??

  • Hello, please choose the closest match from the list of reasons provided in the drop-down menu. The choices are supplied by regulators in India and you should be able to find a close match for your purposes.

  • Manish Mahajan

    Hello Payza
    I am new from India.Want to transfer my online work USD to Payza account.How does payza transfer fund to Indian bank account?Is it like paypal, means funds automatically transfers to Indian bank account in Ruppes within 24 hrs?
    Do Payza have some minimum amount of USD to transfer to Indian bank account?
    Pls help

    • Hello. Yes those funds will arrive in your account in Rupees within a few business days. The instructions for making a withdrawal are in this blog post as well as the YouTube video embedded above.