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Introducing the New Payza Test Center

Payza Test Center

Payza Business Accounts have a new way to test out their integrations before releasing them in a live environment. The Payza Test Center, now available in all Payza Business Accounts, officially replaces the Payza Sandbox and Payza Developer’s Center as the complete testing environment for Payza integrations.

“The new Payza Test Center provides added resources to help our merchants make sure their integrations are properly set up from beginning to end,” noted Ali Nizameddine, EVP Product and Technology at Payza.

With the new Payza Test Center, businesses can test payment buttons and generate IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications) for their test transactions. The Test Center provides sample information for testing credit card transactions using both Payza Member Checkout and Guest Checkout.

The new Test Center can be accessed from within all Payza Business Accounts, both Verified and Unverified ones. In the left-hand menu, click “Business” and then select “Test Center” to access the new Payza test environment.

Payza Test Center

Testing Payment Buttons

The new Payza Test Center explains how you can convert a Standard Integration Payment Button or an Advanced Integration Payment Button into a Test Button. Test Buttons reproduce the functionality of Standard or Advanced buttons, however no payment data is ever sent or received through these buttons.

For your convenience, the Payza Test Center provides sample credentials and payment information so that you can make sure your payment buttons are properly set up before you use them in a live environment.

Testing Instant Payment Notifications

IPNs or Instant Payment Notifications are a powerful set of alerts that help you automate your post-payment tasks. In a live environment, our system can be set up to generate an IPN for each payment attempt. You receive these notifications to your Alert URL. With an IPN handler set up, you can decrypt the payment data sent to your Alert URL.

You can generate test IPNs through the Test Center and use this data to build or test various post-payment automation scripts.

In the IPN section of the Payza Test Center, you recreate various transaction states to configure IPNs for all of your test transactions. In doing so, you will get sample data that you would receive whenever a transaction that matches these parameters is processed through your payment button. For example, you can configure a test transaction to generate an IPN for a successful payment and our system will return sample data only for successful payments. If you would like to configure an IPN for a failed transaction, you can simply update the transaction parameters for transactions with a ‘failed’ status.

Payza IPNs transmit information about every aspect of a Payza transaction. Use this sample data to set up scripts that will automate your post-payment processes. Here are just a few of the details that can be transmitted in an IPN:

  • Purchase Type
  • Reference Number
  • Amount
  • Date and Time
  • Item Name
  • Item Code
  • Transaction State
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email Address
  • Subscription Billing Cycle

Find a full list of IPN values in the Payza Reference Center: Payza API Guide – IPN.

The new Test Center is available for all Payza Business Accounts and replaces the now defunct Payza Sandbox. You are still able to use Test Mode for testing your payment buttons, however this sets your entire account into Test Mode, including all of your payment buttons. The new Test Center allows you to test individual payment buttons as needed and has additional resources and information to make it easier to create and analyze test transactions.