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The Payza Prepaid Card is Now Available Across the Globe

payza prepaid card

If you have a verified Payza account, you can order your prepaid card today for $19.95 USD.

You asked and we delivered

When we first launched the Payza Prepaid Card in December 2015 to a limited number of countries, we wanted to make sure we got it right before we made the card available to everyone, everywhere. After six months of learning what cardholders liked, what they disliked and what features they really wanted, we were able to build a better prepaid card and are proud to make it available in almost every country worldwide*.

Why does everyone love the Payza Prepaid Card?

The Payza Prepaid Card is a perfect companion to your Payza account. The Payza Prepaid Card is a secure and convenient way to take your Payza funds with you wherever you go. Simply load the card with funds from your Payza account and use it wherever MasterCard is accepted: online, in store or at an ATM. Because you can cancel or replace the card if it gets lost or stolen, the Payza Prepaid Card is the smarter and safer alternative to cash – whether you are traveling down the street or across the country, your money is always protected.

How to order your Payza Prepaid Card

To order the card, all you need is a verified Payza account and $19.95 USD in your Payza wallet. It’s available for both Personal and Business members. Here’s how to order:

Log in to your Payza account;
• From the left-hand menu, select “Wallet” and then “Prepaid Cards”;
• Click on “Order your Card”;
• Complete all of the required steps to finalize your order.

The Payza Prepaid Card costs $19.95 USD, including international shipping and handling fees. Once you complete and pay for your order from your Payza account, your card will arrive in 4-8 weeks.

Need assistance ordering your Payza Prepaid Card?

If you have any questions about the Payza Prepaid Card or your Payza account, tweet us at @PayzaSupport, send us a ticket or chat with a customer service representative.

UPDATE: The Payza Prepaid Card is now available to our Bangladeshi members.

*The Payza Prepaid Card is not yet available in India. We are working on developing a fantastic prepaid card for our Indian members. The wait will be worth it! Stay tuned to FacebookTwitter and the Payza blog – we’ll be announcing the good news to India soon.


  • Amrita Das Bijoy

    We are waiting from bangladesh… Thanks

  • Yhudie Los Madridistas

    wow ! great

  • hoda

    Hello I am from Egypt and I would like to ask if I can withdraw funds from payza account with payza prepaid card even if it’s not an available option in my local payment option , and if it not are you considering to open withdrawing funds option with the new payza prepaid card ?

    • Hello, the Payza Prepaid Card is available in Egypt! Our Local Payment Options page will be updated shortly to reflect the new service.

  • Jiten Rai

    This is great news for us. I am from Nepal. Can I get here or not. And other question can i use for affialite marketing business ?

    • Hi Jiten, yes the card is available in Nepal. You can add funds from your Payza Account onto your Payza Prepaid Card and then spend that money almost everywhere you can use a credit card, in stores, online, and even at most ATMs.

  • I see all the promotional articles about getting the card, but where is the link to start the process? It says I can order a card, but how?

    • Sorry about that, Lawrence. I should make this easier for everyone. First off, please know that you must first verify your Payza account before you can order a Prepaid Card. Once verified, you may order the card following these steps: 1) log in to your Payza account; 2) click on “Wallet” in the left side column; 3) then click on “Prepaid Cards”.

  • Sounds good, but please note that we have a special release of the card for your country. This release will be in the very near future.

  • Mohamed Nagy

    Yeah that’s amazing news … from Egypt and i need it from a long time ….I’m going to Order it now 😀😎

  • Ahmed Tushar

    What about the yearly charge and transaction fees?

    • Hi Ahmed,
      There is no monthly or yearly fee for the Prepaid card. You may review all of our fees for the prepaid card online before you make your order. Here is how you can view the fees:
      1) Log in to your Payza account (here’s the page:
      2) Click on “Wallet” in the left column in green (under your Payza avatar picture)
      3) Click on “Prepaid Cards” in the drop-down menu.
      4) Click on “About the card” in the top, right menu

  • mahassi

    hi… i am from saudi arabia .. payza cards availabe there … becz i want to order one if a vailabe there… thanks

    • Yes it is! Just follow the instructions in the blog post to order your card.

  • Hi Abu,
    No, the bill does NOT need to be in English; it can be in your own language.
    A utility bill is a bill from a company you pay for services like internet, phone, electricity, water and other essential services.
    The bill must be a RECURRENT bill, meaning that you pay this bill on a regular basis, such as each month for the past 3 months. Do NOT send us a bill that you paid only once.
    Your name must be on the bill (sometimes we make exceptions and accept a bill from a family member living at the same address).
    The utility bill must be sent to your permanent address, which is your home address where you live and have been living for several months.

  • Absolutely! Canada was one of our first countries where we offered the Prepaid Card, prior to its international release. You can check your account now and place your order: Log in, click on “Wallet” (on the left), then “Prepaid Cards”.

  • Hi Ahmed, The Payza Prepaid Card works anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. You may withdraw funds from your Payza account to your card, then use your card for online payments (use it similar to a credit card on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon), purchases in retail stores that accept MasterCard, and you may withdraw cash at an ATM that accepts MasterCard.

  • Hello Naim, I believe you should have no problem using your card to buy advertisements on Facebook or any other social media networks. To be certain: Check to see that Facebook Ads in Bangladesh accept MasterCard payments (I am confident that they do). If yes, you should have no problem.

  • Hi Abdullah,
    A1) Yes, we are happy to provide Prepaid Cards to our Pakistani members.
    A2) Yes, you can submit the Internat bill of your father ONLY IN THIS CONTEXT: 1) You and your father must have the same last name; 2) The address on your father’s internet bill must be the same address we have on file for your Payza account.

  • Zain Ali

    hellow admin!
    i’m living on rented house…and the utility bills are on house owner’s named… so how can i verify my payza account or tell me another procedure plzzz

  • Zain Ali

    ok thnx for ur heip admin

  • Emanuel Gonzalez

    On which latam countries is this card available?

    • Hola Emanuel,

      Our Prepaid Card is available in all Latin Countries where we provide services. If you have a Payza account in South America, you should be able to order your card today. Log in to your Payza account, click on “Wallet” on the left side, then click “Prepaid Cards”.
      All the best.

  • moussa arrahmane

    for Algerians is when in can apply for the card Payza?

  • Hello Santa,
    If Payza declined your documents for verification, we sent you an email explaining why we refused the document and your verification application. Please see your email account for a message from Payza; be sure to check “junk” or “spam” folders for the message if you do not find our email in your regular “inbox” folder.

    Good day.

  • Hi Almamun,

    You may make purchases directly from any merchant using Payza as a payment platform; you will use money from your Payza account to make your purchase.

    Using your Payza Prepaid Card, you may purchase goods and services online, anywhere, just like you would when making a purchase using a credit card or debit card; if the merchant accepts MasterCard, you can shop with that online merchant using your Prepaid Card, no problem.

  • Mateusz Koralewicz

    Is it avalilable in Poland?

  • Ishan Silva

    I am from Sri Lanka.
    can i use this facility in my country….