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Interac Payments Now Available: Payza Introduces Interac Checkout

Payza Interac Checkout

At Payza we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience. Whether you shop online, send or receive money locally or internationally, or run an online business, we want to make your experience as fast, secure, and convenient as possible.

As online shoppers, we know you want the safest, easiest way possible to pay, with added protection in case you don’t get exactly what you expected in return. As online business owners, we know you’re looking to convert the most customers as possible, and that means not losing a customer because they couldn’t complete your checkout quickly or easily enough.

Today, Payza is happy to announce another new checkout payment option: Interac Checkout.

Interac is a Canadian debit network that works with most Canadian ATM cards, so this new feature gives millions of Canadians one of the most practical ways to pay online. With a free Payza Business Account, online stores are now able to offer their Canadian customers this  convenient option alongside other great checkout options like Credit Card, e-wallet, or even Bitcoin Checkout!

Being able to offer a wide variety of checkout options is great. Being able to offer a wide variety of options thanks to a free Payza Business Account that never charges monthly or yearly fees and integrates easily with many third party shopping carts is even better!

If you don’t already have a Payza Business Account sign up today to get started, or contact our Business Development team for more information about Payza’s online payment solutions.