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Interac Online for Canadian Members

As an added convenience for Canadian members, Payza now accepts deposits via Interac Online.

The Add Funds by Interac Online feature allows Payza members to transfer money instantly from their Canadian bank account to their e-wallet using the Interac network, for a flat rate of $1.50 CAD per deposit of up to $500 CAD.

More information about this new feature can be found in the Payza FAQs.

  • Rodney Ramcharitar Sciampacone

    Thanks a lot for this, very useful, quick and efficient!

  • CarlToussaint

    Can you do the same thing in reverse? Adding fund to Your canadian bank account from Payza instantly?!

    • Hi Carl. Interac Online only supports the transfer of funds out of your bank account, so unfortunately you cannot withdraw from your Payza e-wallet by Interac Online.

  • ALinux Os

    That’s terrific News. Once I get all my I.D. back (as I lost my wallet recently arrgggh) I can get my account here verified here and start using this feature. Thanks