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Important Changes to Payza Payment Buttons

If you use Payza for your online payment processing needs and have Payza Payment Buttons on your website, please take note of the following important changes to this feature. In order to improve our services, we have implemented additional resources to assure that all IPN (Instant Payment Notification) data is received by your IPN Handler.

If you had made an exception within your system to receive incoming messages from our current public IP addresses ( and, you must add the following IP addresses to your code base, web server, host provider or firewall:


Adding these IP addresses will ensure a constant and uninterrupted flow of payment notifications to your system. For more information regarding IPN integration, please visit: .

Should you require any help in implementing these changes, an Integration Specialist is available via the Payza Developer Center forum .

If you are a merchant interested in using Payza as your online payment processor and you want to know how to feature Payza “Buy Now”, “Subscribe” or “Donate” Payment Buttons on your website, here is a good place to begin: How to Get Your Merchant Application Approved.