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Happy International Day of Peace from Payza

Peace Day mural

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 21, is the UN International Day of Peace. We encourage all our readers and members, wherever in the world you are, to visit and attend the special activity nearest to them or to organize a celebration of their own.

International Day of Peace, or Peace Day, has been celebrated annually for over 20 years, since 1982, as a celebration of working together as equals no matter where we are or where we’re from. The centerpiece of Peace Day 2013 will be the Peace Wave, a moment of silence at noon in every time zone. As noon approaches each time zone, Payza employees in our offices around the world will be honoring the moment of silence.

Payza’s Global Vision

As a global online payment service provider, being responsible members of the global village is very important to us at Payza. It has always been our priority to level the international playing field by providing online financial services to underserved markets. We believe that providing the technology for people to work together across the globe benefits everybody, whether in traditional or emerging markets.

No matter where you live in the world, Payza wants to make it possible for you to run an online business, or to take advantage of opportunities to earn money as a self-employed professional or freelancer, or simply to have a low-cost, secure method to send money to your loved ones in need.

For that reason, in 2012 Payza dedicated an enormous amount of resources to bringing our online payment platform to Bangladesh, a country which, until Payza began offering services, had no access to the global e-commerce industry. With services such as SimplySend, we fully intend to make accessible payment services a truly global technology.

So take some time tomorrow to celebrate Peace Day. Today’s world is such a small place, so we encourage you to do what you can, as Payza does, to encourage people to work together peacefully towards common goals and to the benefit of everyone worldwide.

Do you have any special plans to mark Peace Day? Let us know in the comments below or post a message on our Facebook page. You can follow the conversation on Twitter as well — watch for tweets tagged with the #PeaceDay hashtag.