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Exciting New Payment Services for India: Make Online Transactions in Rupees

Online money transfers in Rupees: we do that!

Building on our commitment to developing much-needed online payments infrastructure in the country, we are excited to offer local payment services for our Indian members with Payza Personal Accounts. You can now make the majority of your online transactions in India using your local currency, the Indian Rupee. Best of all, we offer our transaction fees at highly competitive rates.

This suite of payment services will provide new opportunities for Indian citizens to participate in local e-commerce.

Local payment services for India

payza fees local india services Rupees

 * For deposits under 100 ₹, we charge a 2.5% transaction fee.

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Our latest Indian payment services enable all Payza Personal members in India to hold Rupees in their Payza e-wallet. Members can add and withdraw Rupees between their bank and their Payza account, as well as transfer Rupees instantly to other Payza member’s accounts. This service is ideal for sending money home to family and friends throughout the country.

As a complement to our Local Indian Bank Transfer Withdrawal service we released in March 2016, which enables members to convert foreign currency and withdraw those funds in Rupees to their bank account in one simplified transaction. Please note that monetary regulations prevent our members from converting Rupees to foreign currencies, and foreign currency to Rupees, in their Payza account.

Following years of government collaborations and building strategic business partnerships within the country, we are proud to offer these progressive online financial services to benefit Indian citizens. The ability to make seamless, online transactions using your local currency is convenient, and avoids expensive currency conversions and inefficient money transfer services.

Over the course of this month, we will be publishing guides and articles explaining how to use our new and exciting suite of payment services for India. Stay tuned to our blog and social media pages for more updates.