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Payza’s New Checkout Page

Payza Checkout Page

We’ve just released our brand new Payza checkout page, redesigned to make your checkout experience as seamless as possible.

Two months ago, we celebrated the first anniversary of Payza with pride, but we also used the occasion to take a step back, to look beyond our successes and to ask ourselves how we can serve you better? We’ve learned a lot through the ups and downs, and we’re putting that knowledge to good use as we redesign and refine our services with a singular goal: providing our members with the best possible Payza experience.

The success we’ve enjoyed during our first year is thanks to all of our users. So as we continue to grow, we want to make sure that we continue to improve your user experience, from redesigning our processes to be more intuitive to offering regional services like Interac® Online.

The new Payza checkout page is just the first phase in out user experience redesign process. We simplified and streamlined our checkout system so that making a purchase with Payza is a breeze. In just three easy steps you’ll go from purchasing to purchased. Just connect to your Payza account, select your payment method and provide the shipping details, then confirm the purchase. That’s all there is to it!

Here are the three screens you’ll see when completing a Payza checkout using our new system:

Screen 1: Log in to your Payza account

Payza Checkout Screen

Screen 2: Select payment method and provide shipping details

Payza Checkout Screen

Screen 3: Confirm Terms of Service, enter Transaction PIN and confirm purchase

Payza Checkout Screen

The new checkout page was also specifically designed to support another new offering… credit card processing! We know you’ve been asking for it and we’re about to launch the beta version for select merchants. Stay tuned to the Payza blog for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

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