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Sell Bitcoins with Payza: Bitcoin Deposits Now Available

Payza Bitcoin

Payza took another step towards full integration of the virtual currency Bitcoin on its platform today by announcing a new Bitcoin Deposit feature. The new feature gives our members another instant deposit method, as soon as you confirm your deposit the funds will be available immediately. On top of that, there are no added fees for selling your Bitcoin, your bitcoins will be automatically exchanged to USD at a competitive exchange rate that is updated in real-time.

In August, Payza unveiled an easy way to buy Bitcoin, and this new feature is one of the easiest ways to sell your bitcoins. Here’s how the new deposit method works.

Inside your account click on the Add Funds tabs and then select Bitcoin:

Payza Bitcoin Deposit

Simply go to the Add Funds screen and select “Bitcoin” to set up a deposit

Enter the amount of bitcoins you would like to deposit, note the current exchange rate will be displayed for you:

Payza Bitcoin Deposit

Enter the Bitcoin amount you wish to deposit

Confirm the details and send the Bitcoin to Payza. Once you have entered your Transaction PIN and confirmed the transaction details you will be presented with a one-time use Bitcoin Address and QR code.

Use this address to send your Bitcoin to Payza, but do not send multiple deposits to this address, you will need to create a new transaction and receive a new Bitcoin Address to make another deposit in the future. If the Bitcoin are not transferred within 60 minutes after your transaction is created, the deposit will be canceled by Payza.

Using the Bitcoin Deposit feature to add funds to your account is quick and easy. It’s a great, hassle-free way to sell your Bitcoin when the time is right, or to use your Bitcoin to make a purchase from any of the more than 100,000 merchants that sell with Payza.


  • JuanitaRojas

    So, combined with can you deposit bitcoin, convert to fiat, then later buy bitcoin with the same fiat?

    • Yes exactly, you can now buy and sell Bitcoin all with Payza.

  • ppayaza

    Don’t have this option for Bangladeshi Users? this is sad as payaza claim to fully support for Bangladesh

    • Because Bitcoin is not allowed to be used in Bangladesh we cannot offer this option in your country. If the laws regarding Bitcoin change, we will be happy to make this service available in Bangladesh.

  • moneyadmin

    And what about bitcoin-deposit for Russian users? The same for Bangladeshi users???

    • Yes, currently we are not able to buy or sell Bitcoin in Russia and cannot offer Bitcoin services there. We will continue to monitor the Bitcoin laws in all the countries we serve and update our services should these laws change.

      • moneyadmin

        So, could you publish the list of countries, where users are not able to operate bitcoins with Payza?

  • Love Warez

    Hi.Plese answer.Payza full support Azerbaijan?recive money bank account?

  • raunas

    in add funds i can’t see bit coin option.