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Bangladeshi Payza Members Can Now Convert Foreign Currency to Takas

Payza Currency Exchange

Payza has opened a new option for members in Bangladesh that will allow them to convert foreign currencies to Bangladeshi Takas (BDT) directly within their accounts. Previously, foreign currency had to be withdrawn to a Bangladeshi bank account in order to convert those funds to BDT, but with this new option, members can now make that conversion directly within their Payza accounts.

This new option will allow Bangladeshis to use the foreign currency they receive from friends and family abroad, and from payments they receive for freelance work, to make online purchases within Bangladesh, or to pay for services that accept Payza payments.

Because of regulations in Bangladesh, it is not possible for Bangladeshi Takas to be converted into other currencies. Funds held in Takas can be spent at Bangladeshi shopping sites, they can also be used to pay for Bangladeshi services such as mobile top-ups, or they can be sent to other Payza members in the country.

When you’re ready to exchange foreign currency to Takas, just follow the steps in this animation to complete your exchange. You can also read more about how to exchange funds in the Payza Reference Center: How Do I Exchange Currencies?

USD to Takas conversion

Convert US Dollars to Takas in your Payza Account.

  • This is good for all bangladeshi freelancer. Payza usd to bdt ok, but BDT to USD not ok. we are waiting for 2nd system. thanks.

  • Abdullah Almamun

    thanks….waiting for this since 5 years…!!!
    Now please add this system that we can withdraw through Bkash…!!!

  • Md. Mehedi Ahsan

    Congratulations Payza!It’s splendid job done by you. But,to be honest,to make transactions fully easiest for Bangladeshi people,direct cash(Taka) transfer from Payza to Bkash is highly desired and recommended.Please,take a deepest concern to that section to make us really happy.