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Choosing Good Security Questions and Answers

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so this month we’ll be featuring blogs that focus on keeping your online information protected. For more information visit and keep checking the Payza blog for tips on keeping your important data secure.

At Payza, security is our top priority. Not because it makes us look good, but because we care about your safety, and the integrity of our network. As a payment platform, we have a lot of highly sensitive information to protect, so we do everything in our power to make sure that hackers can’t get through the safety measures we have in place.

At the same time, when you signed up for your Payza account, you probably already knew that you can also take certain measures to protect your own online security. The best way to protect yourself is by choosing a secure, uncrackable and unique password for your account and not sharing it with anyone. Another way you protect yourself is by creating a secure Transaction PIN (the 4-8 digit numeric code you must enter before every transaction).

The final safety measure you should take is choosing the right security question and answer in case you ever need to reset your PIN.

If you are unsure about how to choose a strong security question and answer, then this blog is for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right security question and answer for your account:

  • Select a question from the list that only you know the answer to: Stay away from the questions that many people would be able to answer about you. If you select “What was your first phone number?” think about how many people might actually know the answer to this question. If someone else also knows that answer, then you probably shouldn’t select that question.
  • Be careful how you enter your answer: The answer to a security question works the same way as a password, it’s case sensitive. This means that if you typed it in all lower case letters, you will have to provide the answer in lower case letters every time. Remember that you cannot reset your security question and answer so you will always need to enter the answer exactly the way you typed it.
  • Type a real answer: Choose a real answer to a real question rather than providing something like “dhgwijveknsw” as your answer. If you do create an answer like the gibberish just provided, you will need to remember it exactly as is.
  • Memorize your answer: This is the safest way to ensure that no one has access to this highly sensitive information. If you record it somewhere, like in a journal or in a folder on your computer’s desktop, anyone can come across this information and then use it for their own purposes.

For more information on Transaction PINs and security questions and answers, please see our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.