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Top Security for Your Online Store: Upgrade to Payza’s Tokenized Online Checkout System Today

When it comes to e-Commerce, security is of the utmost importance. Providing a secure website will give your customers confidence to browse products and, most importantly, share their financial details with you to complete a payment. At the same time, you need to feel confident that your site is protected from fraudsters, people who may try to shop on your site using an unauthorized credit card, or who may try to trick your site into creating an order that hasn’t been paid for.

One way to help protect your site from online criminals is to secure your payment button through tokenization. This means adding an extra layer of security to your website’s specific payment button so that payment information can be encrypted before an order is processed. Payza introduced in February 2016 a Tokenized Payment Button for Advanced Integration Payment Buttons available to all of our merchants. Standard Integration Payment Buttons are already tokenized.

We encourage our merchants to upgrade their existing Payza Advanced Integration Payment Buttons to the Tokenized Payment Button option today. Here we provide more information that explains the benefits you will receive by making the upgrade.

What is Payza’s tokenized payment feature and why should your online store have it?

Tokenization is a common security feature in e-commerce used to safeguard private payment information. At its basis, a tokenized payment button converts your existing Advanced Integration Payment Button into an encrypted “token”.

Payza’s tokenization feature provides an extra layer of security for your online store by keeping payment details private and protected from unwanted changes. The token is sent to you through the Payza platform in full security so that third parties cannot alter the HTML code of your website’s payment button.

With this feature, you will still receive your Instant Payment Notification (IPN) so you can review payment details for each sale made on your online store. Instant Payment Notifications let you verify that:

  • the amount paid for a given item was the expected amount;
  • the amount paid was for the correct item;
  • the currency for the payment is correct.

An added benefit is that the tokenized payment system enables online merchants like yourself to use another new feature known as split payments.

How to upgrade to a Tokenized Payment Button

Upgrading your current Payza payment button to our tokenized checkout system requires adding simple lines of code to your website; you can find the code here and here.

The following article on Payza’s web developer site provides a detailed explanation and HTML code for the IPN merchants will receive when using tokenized payment buttons. Setting up your IPN system requires some coding, but is relatively straightforward.

With a small investment in time and effort, we are confident that your online store will benefit significantly from upgrading to our new tokenized checkout and new IPN system. Consider making the change today; you and your customers will be happy you did.