Industry Trends
Vietnam 2.0 Meets Asia’s Emerging Middle Class

Looking to be your own boss? Being an entrepreneur in the startup world is a thrilling place to be, for if you can keep up with the fast paced tech industry and are committed to hard work, there is a lot of room to grow. A new target market is emerging – Asia’s quickly growing middle class provides the perfect breeding ground for tech entrepreneurs looking to innovate.

Payza People
Payza Pie-a-thon for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Thanks to their willingness to take numerous pies to the face – at the risk of their pride, clothing and ear canals – the Payza Team managed to raise exactly $1000 for the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. This is an amazing amount which will no doubt do a lot of good for the organization. We’re very proud that we were able to come together and raise so much in such a short amount of time

Stopping the Bleed: What the Heartbleed Bug Can Teach Ecommerce Businesses

Last week the web was rocked with the news of the Heartbleed bug, which affected servers by exploiting a vulnerability in OpenSSL encrypted data (Payza’s servers were secure – you can learn more in this post). The vulnerability had particularly severe implications for ecommerce businesses, as it gave hackers access to a server’s memory, where sensitive data like usernames, password information, and credit card numbers are stored. Ecommerce businesses can take this opportunity to take another look at their web server security.

Press Release
Payza Forms Strategic Partnership in Canada

Payza announced today that it has formed a strategic relationship to provide credit and debit payment service to Canadian merchants based on its highly successful, fully-featured Payza as a Platform enterprise solution. The company announced its Payza Merchant Gateway service in the U.S. last month and an additional strategic partnership in the EU that will launch in a few months.
“This partnership is significant in the international expansion of our merchant gateway service not only because we can provide more options to our Canadian merchants, but also because it will allow us to roll out this service into Australia and Brazil in the very near future,” explains Firoz Patel, Payza’s Global Executive Vice President.