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Promoting E-Commerce in Bangladesh

During his trip to Bangladesh in January, Firoz Patel, Executive Vice President at Payza, spoke to the Financial Express about how Payza is promoting e-commerce in Bangladesh, and how businesses in the emerging local industry can help to keep it growing.

“Right now, it’s the beginning stage in Bangladesh,” said Patel. “We can help them make the right decision about it. Bangladesh should not go through the same problems [that] the Western countries discovered fifteen years ago.”

Patel was in Bangladesh to participate in E-Commerce Week, sponsored by Payza. Speaking to the Financial Express, he explained the various barriers which the Bangladeshi e-commerce sector is facing in expanding beyond the country’s borders. Security concerns, international trade barriers, insufficient access to internet services, and the logistics of delivering physical goods are some of the normal challenges to be overcome in a burgeoning online marketplace.

“Over 10 years ago, there was no sufficient internet availability even in North America and Europe but today there is,” continued Patel. “So, Bangladesh will go through the same process. [In time] all people in Bangladesh will also have internet connection.”

The first step to building an international presence is to facilitate the transfer of money into and out of Bangladesh, which is the nature of Payza’s efforts. With our payment platform at and our associated Bangladesh-specific remittance service SimplySendBD, we have allowed Bangladesh to make that first step.

But the work does not stop there. Read Firoz Patel’s thoughts about E-Commerce Week and his trip to Bangladesh here: Payza’s Firoz Patel in Bangladesh for E-Commerce Week

Follow the link below to read the full article for more information about Payza’s presence in Bangladesh and the country’s efforts to grow in the e-commerce sector, with Payza’s help.

Payza to help promote e-commerce

The Financial Express, Jan. 27, 2013