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Payza Thrives as Online Payment Gains Prominence in Shopping, Bill Payment

Payza Thrives as Online Payment Gains Prominence in Shopping, Bill Payment

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

A new report from The Wall Street Journal shares the recent success of an online payment system introduced by Indianapolis’ Marion County. The county’s Treasurer’s Office partnered with one online payment company called Invoice Cloud to create an innovative payment system that allows residents to create and manage their own installment plans regarding property taxes. Payza is a leader in the online payment revolution and notes that Marion County’s effort is part of a widespread trend to move away from traditional payment methods.

Invoice Cloud and Payza are both known for their convenient online payment systems that allow for paperless billing. This management is not only easy to understand; it is also environmentally friendly and allows consumers to have more control over their finances. The article notes that Marion County residents have had successful experiences with a “Flex-Pay” option. This option allows users to control their own payments by scheduling their own installments and make automated deductions from their bank accounts.

Although residents can still use traditional payment methods, which include services through the phone, at select banks or at the Treasurer’s Office, the online option is now widely preferred. In fact, the article states that Marion County online payment for property tax has increased by 90 percent since the option was introduced. Payza is not surprised by these results, as the company has witnessed a growing trend in the online payment systems it specializes in. In one recent press statement, Payza remarked, “Time and time again, whenever online payments are offered as an option, you will no doubt find an increase in that payment option versus the traditional payment methods.”

Not only are Marion County residents pleased by the new service, but local government officials are also excited by the promise the system has to offer. Marion County Treasurer Claudia Fuentes told Wall Street Journal, “We are thrilled that so many taxpayers are using these convenient, budget-friendly and personalized payment methods to pay their property taxes. Implementing this service was easy to do through our partnership with Invoice Cloud, and more importantly, Marion County residents find it simple to use.”

Payza is glad to see that online payment systems are making their way to small, local areas. The company believes that these options have proven a great method for large corporations and bill collectors, and also show promise for local business and government offices. According to the company, “Consumers like convenience and automation. The convenience of online payments is something that should not be overlooked.”

As an internationally-recognized and award-winning online payment platform, Payza is celebrated by nations all over the world for its easy-to-use, secure and customer-friendly services. The company is noted for having extended these great and convenient options to areas that are traditionally undeveloped, helping communities flourish through innovative technology. Payza offers both personal and business accounts, providing simple transactional business in over 20 currencies for more than 190 countries.

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