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Payza Gets Positive Reactions for Major Bitcoin Announcement

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Payza’s latest Bitcoin announcement was covered by several media sources. Here’s a look at some of the articles written about Payza and its new Bitcoin services:

Coin Telegraph covers Payza’s Bitcoin announcement and new Bitcoin features

The new Bitcoin services offered by Payza lets members hold their bitcoins directly in their e-wallets and they can now send and receive Bitcoin to and from other members instantly throughout the Payza network, just like they can do with USD, Euros or Pound Sterling. Firoz Patel, Payza’s Global Executive VP, states that “Today, we fulfill our promise to our members and are now able to treat Bitcoin like any other currency we deal with.”

According to Coin Telegraph, Payza’s move to offer new Bitcoin services “will take the digital currency a step closer in its disruption of the global remittance sector.” Payza’s focus on countries with high remittance rates, and the fact that it offers payment services already in countries such as China, India and Mexico, could “facilitate the spread of Bitcoin in some of these countries”.

The full article from Coin Telegraph can be found on their website: Bitcoin Embraced by Global Payment Provider Payza, Norwegian Bank comments on Payza’s new Bitcoin services

Payza has announced the addition of new Bitcoin services: Payza members can now hold Bitcoins in their accounts, instead of needing to convert them to fiat currencies first. These new Bitcoin services also let merchants who use Payza for online payment processing receive Bitcoin as payment for their products and hold the Bitcoin they receive, without the need to convert it into fiat currency. “Merchants will have the option to retain those payments in bitcoin in their ewallets until they choose to convert the funds themselves.”

Stay tuned! In the coming weeks and months, more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency features will be announced, according to Payza’s Global Executive VP Firoz Patel.

The full article from can be found on their website: Global Payment Platform Payza Goes Full Bitcoin

Crowdfund Insider highlights Payza’s introduction of new Bitcoin options

In August 2014, Payza began offering Bitcoin services to its members, starting with the possibility to buy Bitcoin (Bitcoin Withdrawals): “one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin online.” In October that same year the possibility to sell Bitcoin (Bitcoin Deposits) was introduced: “an equally simple way to sell Bitcoin.” Now Payza has taken it one step further – on May 15th, Payza became “one of the first eWallet providers to treat Bitcoin like any fiat currency” by now letting its members hold their bitcoins directly in their Payza e-wallets. This means they no longer need a separate Bitcoin Wallet to “perform Bitcoin exchanges to or from fiat currencies.”

With Payza’s new Bitcoin services, members can instantly send and receive funds to and from other Payza members, for a small fee – 1.2% per transaction, which is lower than the standard Payza receiving fee of 2.9% + $0.30. This also means a change for merchants using Payza, since they can now choose to receive payments in Bitcoin and keep it in Bitcoin in their e-wallets, without the need to convert the funds right away. It is important to mention that “All purchases made by Bitcoin through Payza’s online payment platform – unlike traditional Bitcoin payments, which are irreversible – will remain protected by Payza’s Resolution Center, a section within Payza accounts dedicated to resolving transaction disputes between buyers and sellers.”

The full article from Crowdfund Insider can be found on their website: Instantly Delivered: eWallet Provider Payza Introduces New Bitcoin Options

Newsbtc mentions Payza’s full embrace of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin are receiving a lot of attention today and Payza now fully embraces Bitcoin. This company has “made a name for itself by providing convenient eWallet services to users worldwide” and now aims to treat Bitcoin like any other currency supported by the Payza platform. “This is a major boon for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

The full article from Newsbtc can be found on their website: Payza Prepares To Fully Embrace Bitcoin Payments as Part of Its eWallet Service

Retail Touchpoints covers Payza’s integration of Bitcoin into e-wallet

Payza has “fully incorporated the cryptocurrency Bitcoin into its eWallet offering” and now Payza members can hold bitcoins in their e-wallets without the need to convert them to fiat currencies. Merchants using Payza also have the option to accept payments in Bitcoin rather that traditional currencies.

The full article from Retail TouchPoints can be found on their website: Payment Network Integrates Bitcoin Into eWallet

Paymentweek comments on Payza’s Bitcoin announcement

On May 15th, Payza announced that it has “become the first eWallet provider to treat Bitcoin like any fiat currency”, letting its members hold their bitcoins in their Payza e-wallets. Thereby, there is no need for a separate Bitcoin Wallet elsewhere to “perform Bitcoin exchanges to or from fiat currencies.”

The full article from Paymentweek can be found on their website: Payza Becomes First Payment Network To Include Bitcoin Within Its EWallet

PaymentsSource observes Payza’s addition of Bitcoin acceptance to its e-wallet

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is now directly accessible with the Payza e-wallet, which simplifies the “process when using bitcoin to pay or when exchanging bitcoins for fiat currencies”. This is the first of several moves by Payza regarding Bitcoin – there are plans to introduce even more services in the following months to “make bitcoin usage easier for merchants and consumers”.

The full article from PaymentsSource can be found on their website (subscription required): Payza adds bitcoin acceptance to its eWallet

The Paypers mentions possibility to perform Bitcoin exchanges to or from fiat currencies with Payza

Since 2014 Payza has offered various Bitcoin services within its platform, such as Bitcoin withdrawals and Bitcoin deposits. Now there’s even more – bitcoins have been added to the Payza e-wallet, letting Payza members “perform Bitcoin exchanges to or from fiat currencies.” Also, Payza protects all purchases made by Bitcoin through its Resolution Center within its online payment platform.

The full article from the Paypers can be found on their website: Payza includes Bitcoin within its eWallet offer for consumers and merchants

InfoCoin highlights Payza’s acceptance of Bitcoin payments through its e-wallet

For some time, Bitcoin has been popular with payment processors and there is a demand for this digital currency. Payza recognized the potential with Bitcoin and has now integrated this cryptocurrency into its e-wallet service. This means that Payza members can send and receive payments in Bitcoin from other members, for a low transaction fee of 1.2%, which is “lower compared to other rates on other platforms. Having lower rates will make Payza even more attractive.”

The full article from InfoCoin can be found on their website: Payza Will Accept Bitcoin Payments Through Its E-Wallet Service

BTCManager discuss how Payza is the first payment platform to offer Bitcoin services

On May 15th, Payza announced new exciting news related to Bitcoin – Bitcoin is now included as a Payza payment option and is treated “like any other fiat currency.” This follows the introduction of Bitcoin withdrawals and Bitcoin deposits in 2014, and the Bitcoin payment option in 2015 “where payments with the cryptocurrency were immediately converted and settled in USD to help avoid the risk associated with BTC-USD’s volatility.” Payza’s newest Bitcoin services makes Payza the first “Multinational payment processor to allow users anywhere in the world to use bitcoin like any other currency.”

The full article from can be found on their website: Payza Becomes the First Payment Platform to Offer Bitcoin Services

MobilePaymentsToday covers Payza’s big Bitcoin announcement

Payza merchants now have more choice when it comes to payments they receive through Payza in Bitcoin. Merchants can now choose to keep those funds in Bitcoin within their Payza e-wallet, or to have them instantly converted into the supported fiat currency of their choice.

The full article from MobilePaymentsToday can be found on their website: Payza unveils new e-wallet bitcoin options