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Payza Launches Prepaid MasterCard in Bangladesh

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This article was originally published on Bangala News 24. Read the full article here.

DHAKA: Payza Bangladesh has launched its International Prepaid MasterCard first time ever in Bangladesh.

“Whether you are an online shopper or work as a freelancer, the Payza International Prepaid Card is the perfect companion to simplify your online payments,” said a press release on July 31.

The Payza International Prepaid MasterCard is an affordable alternative to other prepaid debit cards, with no monthly or yearly fee.

According to the release, it is easy and convenient to load funds onto your card from your e-Wallet and spend it almost anywhere cards are accepted.

“You can promote your Facebook page instantly, make in-store or online purchases anywhere in the world where delivery to Bangladesh is supported, i.e. Amazon, EBay, Alibaba, Netflix, etc.”

In addition, it can be used locally in restaurants, shopping malls and superstores like KFC, Pizza Hut, Agora, Aarong, etc. using POS machines in store.

The release further said that the clients can even withdraw BDT from any International MasterCard supported ATM booths in Bangladesh with the comfort of knowing that your money is 100% safe.

“With its very high demand, we are very excited about the impact our new Payza card will have on the freelancer market as well as online payments for Bangladeshis,” said Amar S Magon, CMO of Payza Bangladesh.

This prepaid card is secured and easy to use allowing you to carry your Payza funds wherever you go. It is a great alternative to cash while traveling and since the card can be cancelled or replaced if lost, your money is always protected.

The interested persons can sign up at and order the card today.

About Payza

Payza, a leading global online payment gateway is operating in Bangladesh as the first ever e-wallet approved by Bangladesh Bank. Payza Bangladesh e-Wallet is helping to facilitate local e-commerce and f-Commerce, Online Payments, Corporate Disbursement, Remittance and all other e-Services.

  • Ninamaree Noble

    does that inculd austraila

    • Absolutely! Our card is international and we have enjoyed providing services to Australia for many years.

      • Ninamaree Noble

        thank as it be more better less bank fees get one soon

        • Yess, good idea. What’s best about our fee structure it that you are only charged a fee when you use the card, thus we benefit only when you benefit from using the card to make purchases. We do not charge monthly or yearly fees; however, please use the card at least once every three months to avoid being charged a “dormant fee” (dormant cards are those that are no longer in use but are still one file at Payza; thus it is a loss to continue fraud prevention and security efforts for cards no longer in use).

  • Shermin Fatema

    i have a Payza account but i dont get any kind of payza card. so please tell me why? I want that