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Interview at Telegraph Studios with Payza CEO, Firoz Patel

Interview with Firoz Patel

Business Reporter has an exclusive interview with Payza EVP (now CEO) Firoz Patel about e-commerce and the future of payments. Patel spoke to Alastair Greener at the Telegraph Studios for Business Reporter’s Future of Payments campaign.

From the interview: Patel has an “expertise in opening and developing new markets, especially in countries with emerging economies” which gives him a “unique insight into the challenges facing these populations.”

Today, Patel states, many developing countries are experiencing an “economic revitalisation” as it’s time to put the old aside and make room for the new. Lately there has been more focus on empowering local communities and to get business owners to participate in the digital economy, and many are now realising that it’s time to “join the global marketplace”.

However, according to Patel there is a challenge in “providing local tools that are compatible with international payment networks”. Payza is proud to be a global online payment processor that provides ways to facilitate international payment. Payza partners with local financial institutions and works with regulators to “facilitate payments between local customers and cross-border merchants.”

“Payza blends traditional payment options, such as credit cards and bank accounts, with new technologies such as mobile money and cryptocurrencies.” People are today looking for faster and easier methods of payments and Payza is pleased to say that one of our top priorities is to provide exactly this to our customers. “With more variety of payments systems coming on the market, it’s becoming very cumbersome for people to have or maintain many different facilities. They just want something more like a one-stop shop”, says Firoz Patel.

Watch the interview and read the full article on the Telegraph website: Payza’s Firoz Patel on e-commerce and the future of payments.