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Cool Smartphone Apps for Smart Holiday Spending

When it comes to holiday shopping, we need all the help we can get. Now that so many of us have smartphones, we can use any number of retail shopping apps and features to make our lives and shopping trips simpler and more organized. There is a wide variety of smartphone apps out there that can make smart holiday shopping a little easier and way more pleasurable.

Here are a few that we’ve come across that will be very useful in easing the stress:

  • Milo for Android (free): This app can let you know which store closest to you is carrying the item you’re looking for so that you don’t have to run around town for no reason. It will even save you from having to call the store which can also be a waste of time, especially if they’re really busy.
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Android (free): With this free app, you can find the perfect gift for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones. Categories are created by age and relationship, and will show common interests for each group so that you have an easier time figuring out what to buy.
  • Barcode Scanner for iOS ($0.99) / Barcode Scanner for Android (free): When shopping, use this app to scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in purchasing, and you will get links and prices for the item at other stores so you can get it at the best price.
  • The Coupons App for iOS ($0.99) / The Coupons App for Android (free): This app works with your phone’s GPS capability to show you coupons for stores and restaurants located within a 20-mile radius of you. If you don’t need all of the coupons, you can send them to friends and family through email, text or social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Christmas Gift Organizer for Android ($0.99): Use this app to create a shopping list, a budget and a to-do list to keep your holiday shopping sprees within your means and under your control.
  • Shopkick for iOS (free) / Shopkick for Android (free): Every time to make a purchase at participating “Shopkick” stores, you can earn “kicks” or points which you can eventually redeem for gift cards, movie tickets or merchandise.

These awesome smart phone apps are tools to make shopping easier, but it’s just as easy to use them to spend more than you intended, so make an effort to stick to your budget to avoid any unnecessary holiday or post-holiday stress.

These are some of the best we could find, but there are many others out there. If you know of any that we have not mentioned on this list, please share them with the Payza community by leaving a comment below or joining the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Happy holiday shopping from the Payza team!